Freedom in itself - being able to work from anywhere, having your own work timings, taking days off at your own will, not having a boss micromanaging you constantly are some of the many reasons why the freelance alternative looks like a perfect option.

Why freelance?


The future of work is changing. 2020 has shown us that. Freelance, online, and remote jobs are jobs of the future.

Employees are able to adopt the approach of being independent and having something of their own. In the coming years, we will see at least 50% of the workforce being freelancers.

This book will help you in



Understanding the approach to being a freelancer.


Knowing how to set up your freelance business and creating contracts.


Learning the different types of clients and how to effectively deal with them.


Learning the type of freelance that works best for you.


Understanding the art of setting prices and ensuring you get paid.


Managing all your expenses and running a successful freelance business.

This book also includes


Contract Template that you can use to create contracts with your clients. Also included are printables to help you get your freelance business up and running.


Included in the ebook is a list of over 30 websites to help you find remote work and over 40 Facebook Groups to help you find freelance jobs and work remotely from your home.

What our readers say!



Having been laid off from my job due to COVID, freelancing did come across my mind. Came across this wonderful book by The Side Hustler at the right time. 

Knowing how to freelance the right way is super important from the start and this book helped me understand the whole process of freelancing and even getting a remote job.

The freelance contract template included in the book is something that will definitely help me for my future clients. Even if you want to have a side hustle, do consider being a freelancer or a remote worker.


If you want a guide that will tell you the ins and outs of freelancing then this is the book!

It’s very helpful right now considering the times we live in and gives you all the parameters you need to freelance and work remotely.

Would recommend this 10/10!




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