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10 Inexpensive Date Ideas that won't burn a hole in your Wallet!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Thinking of something fun and interesting to do for date night? It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive, for these ideas would cost you next to nothing.

The dating game can be quite expensive even if you've been in a relationship for years or it's your first date. Sometimes those fancy dates could be lovely, but not so lovely when it comes to your wallet. However, it doesn't always have to be that way as there are plenty of ways through which you can have an amazing date night without feeling the pinch. After all, it's more about making memories and spending time together, isn't it? Here are 10 ideas that you can use for your next date - 1. Movie Nights. You don't have to head to the cinemas, prepare your movie snacks and bring the cinemas to your home. Netflix has lots of good movies and TV shows on offer. You can also head somewhere outdoors with your laptop and watch a movie under the stars (only when the weather is perfect). If you still prefer the cinemas, make use of the buy one get one free ticket offers or discounts on ticket prices. 2. Cook Meals At Home Together. Get all the ingredients that you would need from the market and prepare your favorite recipes or you could try out an entirely new recipe. Not sure where to find one? You'll find plenty on Pinterest! 3. Have A Picnic Or Go Camping. Grab a few meals and all the stuff that you would need and head to the park or the mountains and make sure you stay away from technology. 4. Visit The Museums Or Local Attractions. Some of the museums are quite fascinating and if museums are just not your thing, look up several attractions in the area and you'll find something unique and of interest. 5. Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset. Find a good spot where you can soak in beautiful views of the sunset or stay awake the whole night and watch the sun rise. A sunrise is worth staying awake for and they are absolutely free. Do not miss many of them.

A pizza besides a mason jar containing juice on a table at a restaurant.

6. Game Night. Have a game night which could be video games, board games, playing cards or anything else which you and your partner would enjoy. You can even head to the bowling center and have a fun game of bowling! 7. Hiking Or A Long Walk In Nature. A long walk in nature is not just good for your health but also for your relationship. Look for all the things you would require for your hike and plan ahead of time. 8. Learning Together. Try learning something new together, it could be a new language, a new recipe, a new instrument etc. You could even enroll for a class together that is either free or costs pretty cheap. A gym class is also a good way to learn and do something together. 9. Volunteering. Sign-Up for a local charity organization or an animal shelter and devote your time towards those in need of help. 10. Take The Road To A New And Unfamiliar Place. Head towards a new city or a new town that's completely unfamiliar and begin exploring and experiencing local cuisines. Related - 10 fun things to do on a budget with friends!

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1 Comment

Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee
Feb 05, 2019

Thanks for sharing these! I love the idea of learning something together. I hadn't thought of that and I can see how that would be fun and draw a couple closer together.

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