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10 ways to express gratitude and be more thankful!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Being grateful has been proven to help improve your optimism levels, reduce negativity and boost your overall health and happiness.

A gratitude journal on a desk for writing reasons for being grateful.

It is incredibly easy to forget to be thankful for all the things that you are given in life. You may tend to take things for granted and forget to appreciate those simple acts of kindness. Studies have shown that those who regularly express gratitude are happier people and that is possible when negativity is no longer a part of your life. Showing gratitude is much more than a simple ‘thanks’ without further thought. To begin expressing gratitude, look for a reason everyday on why and what you are thankful for and recognize the things you appreciate the most. Here are 10 ways to incorporate gratitude into your life and be more thankful -

1. Make use of a gratitude journal and thank you notes.

Have a journal and note down all the positive experiences and little grateful moments that happen everyday. A gratitude journal helps you look back and remember these small moments of happiness and feel thankful for them. Besides a gratitude journal, you can write a thank you note or a letter showing your appreciation and letting your loved ones know that you are thinking about them. You can even go an extra mile with a thoughtful and personalised gratitude gift.

2. Be an active listener.

A great way of expressing gratitude is by listening to others, making eye contact and putting your phone away establishing the fact that you are present in the conversation and interested in what the other person has to say.

3. Share your talents, teach someone about something new.

Apart from offering to do an errand or helping with chores, you can take a step ahead and offer to teach someone about something that you may be good at. Help them when it comes to learning a music instrument or a language or even something as simple as a new recipe.

4. Verbal acknowledgement and compliments.

Skip the email or instant messaging and thank or compliment someone in person. Showing gratitude by verbally acknowledging someone can make their day a lot happier and improve their mood and stress levels.

5. Volunteer and give back to the community.

The best way of expressing gratitude is by giving it back to the community. Look for volunteering organizations around, there are plenty that you may find through social media and dedicate a few hours helping those in need.

A cup of tea on a board with a note that says enjoy the little things.

6. Donate to charity.

Donate clothing, food and other things that you may not need to charity. It is not only a kind thing to do to help the poor and the unfortunate but will also help you to reflect back to when you took these things for granted. Find local charity organizations in your area and make contributions in whatever way you can.

7. Avoid complaining for 24 hours.

Try going 24 hours without complaining. In your everyday busy life, it is very common to complain about anything that may not seem to go your way. Avoiding negativity is a key component of expressing gratitude and by complaining you reinforce a negative state of mind. Look for solutions and focus on the positives rather than complaining and you will notice a healthier mindset.

8. Share your material possessions.

Share your possessions with your loved ones and those who may not be as fortunate as you. You need so much less than what you think you need and having less possessions will only help you focus on what really matters in your life.

9. Host a gathering for your friends.

Have a get together and host a gathering with your friends and loved ones as an occasion to be thankful to them and make memories. Apart from that, you can even buy lunch as a surprise for your neighbour, coworker, friend or a loved one.

10. Forgive someone.

Forgiving someone is one of the hardest things to do as you may easily hold on to grudges. But holding on to grudges only brings negativity into your life. Look for the good that comes out of a situation, however bad it may be and forgive for a better life ahead.

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