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10 ways to find clients as a freelancer!

Ensure a regular flow of income for your freelance business with these tried and tested techniques of finding clients.

A man looking for clients as a freelancer on his laptop.

Every business needs clients to survive. Freelance businesses are no exception. Finding clients can be difficult and exhausting. Even then, you need clients that are the right fit for you and your business.

A few things to remember when looking for clients -

  • You don't have to accept every project that comes your way.

  • You don't have to work with clients that are red flags, in particular, the ones that don't respect you.

  • You'll come across clients that are the perfect fit for you and your business. Try retaining them to have repeated and regular work.

Here are a few ways that you can use to find new clients -

  • Freelance Job Websites - Websites like Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, and many more are good ways to find clients. However, most freelancers do not like this option since they have to compete with others for low-paying projects. Also, it is tough for a new freelancer to land clients on these platforms without any experience.

A lady looking for clients as a freelancer on her laptop and her phone.
  • Word of mouth - The best way to land clients where your existing clients can refer you. If you have no clients at all, spread the word through your friends and family. Offer to work for someone at a lower price for some time and continue building it from there.

  • Portfolio website - Create a portfolio website for yourself to establish an online presence. Potential clients can come across your website and view your past work, testimonials, etc. You may also have to work on your SEO for higher Google rankings.

  • Social media platforms - Similar to a website, having an online presence on relevant social media platforms is a great way of reaching out to potential clients and vice versa. Most businesses are on social media and it is an easy way to reach out to them.

  • Networking - Apart from in-person networking, you can also use LinkedIn to send connection requests and messages to business owners and potential clients. Networking is one of the best ways of landing the right clients for your business.

  • Friends and family - Make your services known to your friends and family. They may refer you to someone they know who may be in need of your services.

  • Cold approaching - Cold approaching is still a good way to reach out to clients. The more people you approach, the higher are your chances of landing clients. Approach them via emails or offline by dropping off your business cards.

  • Co-working spaces - Co-working spaces are buildings or large rooms used by groups of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers. You may find potential clients or someone who can refer you.

  • Facebook groups - Plenty of Facebook Groups exist where you may find jobs and projects posted for freelancers and remote workers from around the world.

  • Run ads - Run ads on Google, Social Media, or your local classifieds promoting your services. This is a great way to reach a larger number of people - more potential clients.

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Jimmy Clare
Jimmy Clare
Jul 20, 2022

awesome ideas


This was really helpful!


Predrag Kovacevic
Predrag Kovacevic
Dec 10, 2021

Really helpful article. Will try to read the book. But I must say that it is not so hard to get your first gig on Upwork if you make a great profile and cover letter. A good cover letter can make a big difference even without relevant experience.


Wow, this is super helpful!!!

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