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10 ways to make money as an Influencer!

You don't need plenty of followers to make money as an Influencer.

An influencer taking a picture of her makeup kit.

Being an influencer can be a sustainable career option, with multiple sources of income. A few years ago, this wasn't even a thing.

Influencer Marketing has been on the rise and with that plenty of Influencers too. The market has become saturated but it is still a good place to make more than just a living. If you're looking to be an influencer, all you need to remember is to - consistently produce high-quality content, create a name for yourself, win the trust of your potential customers - followers and money will always come through.

Here are a few ways to make money as an Influencer -

  • Sponsored Posts - Brands may reach out to you or alternatively, you could reach out to brands to promote their products and services. At times, brands have their own budgets and prices but you can set your own rates. With a large audience, you are in a position to charge a higher amount.

An influencer setting up her camera for recording.
  • Affiliate Marketing - Very similar to promoting a brand's product except you get an affiliate link. You could also have a promo code. Anyone purchasing a product or service through your link will earn you commissions.

  • Sell your own products - Market and sell your physical or digital products through social media. Digital products could be ebooks, tutorials, courses, workshops, templates, etc. You could also sell your own merchandise. Be sure to have a website or you can list them down on sites like Shopify or Etsy to make things easier for yourself.

  • Sell your own services - Similar to products, you can also sell your services through social media. Offer services that could be related to your niche such as Social Media Consulting, Coaching, Virtual Assistance, Graphic Designing, etc.

  • Ad revenue - Google's Adwords allow you to capture a share of advertising revenue and so does AdSense for YouTubers. Instagram may soon start paying its creators by running ads on their content.

  • Gifts/tips - Platforms like Twitch and Super Chat within YouTube allow users to tip creators financially directly through the platforms.

  • Patreon - Patreon is its own platform that allows fans to support their favorite influencers with regular pledges. You may or may not provide exclusive content to these fans.

  • Brand Ambassador - When you're a brand ambassador, you'll get paid in exchange for the promotion of products on a contractual basis for an extended period of time.

  • Sell memberships - You can also sell memberships for exclusive access to your content or a personalized service.

  • Influencer platforms - There are many Influencer platforms and apps set up to help you find easy collaborations with brands and make money. These platforms take a certain percentage of the amount you earn.

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4 Comments"> Here is clear </a>


Making money online is not always easy especially if do not speak english. I realise most opportunites avaible request native english speakers,,

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Rachel Mills
Rachel Mills
Dec 06, 2021

Fascinating post. Will be referring back to this one I'm sure. Thank you.

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