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3 Websites that can help you create an attractive Resume!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

An attractive resume makes the difference between catching the eye of the recruiter and being thrown in the junk pile.

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A recruiter receives an average of approximately 250 resumes for a job vacancy. Most of them are standard, created with the same MS Word layout. Sticking to the same age-old layout does not help in making your resume stand out from the rest. A recruiter spends an average of six seconds per resume which is understandable considering the huge amount of applicants. You have six seconds or less to attract the attention of the recruiter. This is your first impression. While we do know that impressions may change over time, but when it comes to job applications your first impressions are more important than you think. To create a good impression, we have a list of three websites that can help you create a stunning resume. It may not guarantee you a job but it will definitely increase your chances of landing an interview. 1. Canva. The most popular site out there, you have plenty of templates to choose from to build your Resume and even Cover Letters. Resume templates are available across categories such as Modern, Minimalist, Professional, Photo Resume, Creative, Academic, Corporate, Infographic and many more. Drag, drop and redesign your resume according to your requirements and download the file as an image or a PDF file. You can always come back and make adjustments. Canva is free to use and download. Visit the website here. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. 2. Novo Resume. An online resume builder that is free with certain features requiring you to upgrade to a premium account. The free account, however, allows you to create one resume that is one page long with a predefined layout. You can download the document as a PDF and you can always come back and make changes.

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The premium account has features of creating up to 3 pages per resume, cover letter, a custom layout and lots more. It costs 16 USD for one month, 10 USD per month for three months and 7 USD per month for twelve months. There is no automatic renewal, so your card will not be charged automatically at the end of the subscription period. View the website here. 3. Venngage. Venngage has lots of templates that you can choose from to create a Resume or a Cover Letter. Templates fall into a free or a premium category. Premium Templates require you to upgrade to a premium account which costs you USD 19 per month. You can, however, use the free templates and edit them, redesigning them to your liking. Downloading the templates as a PNG Image or a PDF File are features only accessible under a premium subscription. It is definitely worth the price as it has lots of features that will not disappoint you. Visit the website here. At The Side Hustler, we are also offering you an opportunity to avail of our Professional Resume Writing Service. It is one thing to use an attractive template, it is another to make sure your resume has all that it needs for the jobs that you would like to apply for. We will help you create an eye-catchy Resume and a Cover Letter with an appropriate layout that is relevant to your target industry, professional language that is proofread without any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Write to for more details.

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Always important to have the best look for a resume and information that catches the eye. Thanks for the post - informative!

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