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5 common Instagram Myths busted!

Too many Instagram myths float around so much that they are now considered the truth.

A lady using Instagram on her phone for her small business.

If you've been on Instagram long enough, you may have heard of plenty of myths. Because of the ever-changing algorithm, it is common for a lot of misinformation to be spread.

Instagram is a crucial part of social media marketing for your business and if you heed these myths, it could affect your growth. Here are some of those myths busted -

  • Myth - You have to post every single day to see results. Fact - Posting every day may help in increasing your reach and growth but it is not the only way, certainly not when it's not feasible for your business. It involves a lot more time creating content that needs to be high-quality as well. Also, it could very quickly lead to burnout. Always remember the golden rule of quality over quantity. Post between 3 to 5 times a week - content that is high-quality - to see the best results while avoiding burnouts as well.

A person scrolling Instagram on her phone while sipping on her coffee.
  • Myth - Use only a few hashtags because they look spammy. Fact - Instagram has allowed you to use all 30 available hashtags to maximize your reach, which in turn, helps you grow. Why would you want to minimize that? Also, Instagram of late has suggested using between 8-15 hashtags so that the algorithm could easily pick up what your content is related to. The best approach would be to try using 30 hashtags and then try the 8-15 tags as well. See what works better for you.

  • Myth - The more Instagram followers you have, the better it is. Fact - More Instagram followers do not mean a thing if they do not engage with you or buy from you. It is a vanity metric that makes you feel good but does nothing. Focus on having a high-quality engaged audience.

  • Myth - Instagram shadowbans accounts. Fact - Instagram has confirmed that it does not shadowban accounts for using too many hashtags or perform other actions. However, Instagram can block you or restrict your reach if you do any of its prohibited practices under their terms of service such as liking and commenting like a bot, buying followers, hosting illegal competitions, etc.

  • Myth - If you post your hashtags in the comments, it won't work. Fact - Hashtags will work regardless of the fact that you post them in the caption or in the comments section. If you want a cleaner look, post your hashtags in the comments. Do remember that you need to post your hashtags in the comments within the first few minutes of posting your post, for them to work.

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