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5 LinkedIn mistakes harming your professional career!

Avoid wasting time and damaging your credibility by learning how to effectively use LinkedIn to your advantage.

A lady looking at the worst career mistake of her life on her laptop.

LinkedIn can not only help you apply for a job but also have several potential employers reach out to you directly without you even sending an application. To ensure this happens, it is essential to learn the things that you need to do and the things you need to avoid.

Unfortunately, most people still aren't using LinkedIn or using it effectively. LinkedIn is considered to be a boring platform or just used when you're in search of a job or potential clients. Here are the LinkedIn mistakes that can hurt your professional career -

  • Posting what you want - LinkedIn is built around business and employment. Most people visiting your profile will be looking at your qualification, experience, career goals, etc. Hence, you need to maintain professionalism on the network and avoid posting anything that isn't professional. You have plenty of other networks for that.

A lady using LinkedIn on her smartphone to network with her colleagues.
  • Overselling - Start developing relationships with your connections before you send them your latest offer or promote your product or service. If you are constantly selling and promoting, chances are that your connections will get tired of you and block you.

  • Only using LinkedIn to job hunt - LinkedIn is so much more than a platform to look for jobs. Use the platform to connect with other people. LinkedIn is a brilliant place for networking - meet new people, learn from them, give them the opportunity to learn from you, and don't ask for something in return.

  • You're making your profile and posts all about you - Avoid doing this! No one is particularly interested in you. People are far more interested in what you can do for them instead. Position all of your skills, knowledge, and experience in a way that clearly shows how you can provide benefits to those whom you are targeting.

  • Being inactive on the platform - This is probably the biggest mistake you can make on LinkedIn. You cannot expect results on any platform if you aren't spending enough time on it. If you aren't actively engaging with others, LinkedIn will never be the valuable resource you were hoping for.

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