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5 LinkedIn Myths spreading like wildfire!

There are too many misconceptions about how LinkedIn works, here are some of those myths busted.

A man logging on to LinkedIn using his smartphone.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals across all industries. With millions of users, it has become easy to network with your potential clients, recruiters, and those in your niche.

However, there are still many of us that aren't using LinkedIn at all or just not the way it's meant to be. Add to those misconceptions that easily float around, and we just abandon the platform. Here are some of those myths busted -

  • Myth - LinkedIn is only helpful if you are looking for a job. Fact - LinkedIn is a great place to build your professional brand, stay up-to-date with your network, and gain insights and knowledge at everything point in your career. Those who use the platform consistently with a give and take relationship will reap the most reward rather than those who only want to use it when they want something out of the platform.

  • Myth - You should only accept connection requests from people you know. Fact - Many of us have probably done this but if you don't connect with new people, how are you supposed to expand your network and land more opportunities. Besides, LinkedIn search results are influenced by the number of connections you have. The more connections you have, the more frequently and the more highly ranked your profile will appear when recruiters or anyone else search for a relevant keyword.

A man working on his LinkedIn profile at home.
  • Myth - You should only post content about your company or your industry. Fact - You shouldn't limit yourself to your company or to your industry. Share anything that feels like a representation of you and your personal brand. It is also good to vary the topics that you post about, to keep your network engaged and wanting to hear more. Bear in mind, to not treat LinkedIn like Facebook.

  • Myth - You should not connect with people in your company. Fact - This one probably comes from the fact that they may see that you are actively applying for other jobs or you could be sharing something that goes against the values of the company. However, it is good to connect with those from your company - you can endorse each other for skills, request and write testimonials for each other. Employers are most likely encouraging their employees to join the platform. Chances are that your manager is on LinkedIn for the same reasons as you.

  • Myth - You need to get a premium account to get value out of LinkedIn. Fact - A premium account does give you a lot of benefits that you may benefit from, particularly when you are looking and applying for jobs. However, the free version can be more than enough for you as long as you know how to take advantage of all the features and functionality of the platform.

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