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5 myths of a cover letter busted!

If you have been following these myths, you are most likely not utilizing the power of your cover letter.

Cover letters of job applications thrown in the trash.

A cover letter helps in creating a good impression along with the resume, increasing your chances of landing that interview. The recruiter also gets an impression that you are serious about the job opportunity.

It also allows you to include all those details that you may not be able to show through your resume. For example, having gaps in your employment history and a change in your career can be explained via a cover letter. Here is a list of cover letter myths, busted -

  • Myth - You do not need a cover letter as employers do not read them. Fact - Your employer will definitely read your cover letter. In fact, many employers and recruiters consider it to be just as important as a resume as it is a chance to explain why you are a fit for the position.

A lady typing her cover letter on her laptop.
  • Myth - Your cover letter should summarize your resume. Fact - Your cover letter should draw attention to your strengths and present non-resume material that can end up being the difference between you and your closest competitor when the interviewing decision is made.

  • Myth - Your cover letter should be all about you. Fact - Instead of talking all about yourself, consider how your work experience fits into the broader needs of the company and how you're a good fit for the role. Include answers to these questions to demonstrate how you can add value to the employer.

  • Myth - You can use a generic cover letter. Fact - A tailored cover letter can make your job application shine, a generic cover letter can have the reverse effect. A generic cover letter may not reference the values of the company or the requirements of the job position.

  • Myth - Your cover letter will get you the job. Fact - Your resume and cover letter will not get you any job, they are meant to help you land an interview. To succeed in your job search, you need a strategy for hunting jobs and a resume supported by a cover letter. In addition, you need marketable skills, appropriate personal qualities, interviewing strengths, and the right references.

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