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5 reasons why a logo for your business is more important than you think!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

An important part of your business's brand identity, a logo, can help make a significant impact on the viewer's perception.

A logo being designed placed on a table for a brand.

When you think of popular brands, their logo immediately pops into your mind. Their logos have evolved to become their face. When starting your brand, company, business or even a blog, creating a logo may not be at the top of your priority list. Providing great products or services would be of higher concern to you. However, the logo is often the first thing that a potential customer notices about your business.

A great logo is capable of communicating what a business is all about and complements the brand's values and mission. On the other hand, a poor logo creates a bad first impression while having no logo is a marketing mistake that you cannot afford to make. Here are 5 reasons why having a great logo is important for your brand -

1. Creating a strong first impression.

A logo is often the first thing that attracts a customer to a business. Customers have short attention spans and a brand has about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that their products and services are worth consideration. An eye-catchy and attractive logo grabs the attention of your potential customers and creates a strong first impression. It piques interest in the customer to know more about a brand and possibly be associated with it.

2. Establishing a foundation of the company branding.

A logo is only a part of your brand but it forms the foundation of your brand identity. Colors, tones, and fonts used in your logo become a part of your brand kit while the logo itself will represent your company on social media platforms, business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, and any other marketing material. Having a professional and consistent brand identity will help in giving your brand the recognition it needs.

3. Distinguishing from the competition.

Customers associate your logo and brand identity with the quality of your products and services. A logo is your opportunity to not just create an impression about your brand but also distinguish your brand from that of your competitors. A great logo can show how you are different and what you stand for. An apt way of doing this is by conveying your brand values through your logo.

Logos of different brands kept together on a table.

4. Creating brand loyalty.

Apart from creating brand recognition, a logo also helps in developing brand loyalty. Consumers love consistency and familiarity. If a brand that is loved by many, changes its logo overnight, you will find many consumers disliking it. When your logo reaches a wide range of customers, it creates a perception of trust. This trust is built on a well-designed logo, and brand loyalty is quick to follow.

5. Displaying professionalism.

Every business needs a high-quality logo and those without one create an impression that they are unprofessional. Customers like associating themselves with a brand that has a professional and attractive logo, website, and marketing materials, etc. It conveys a strong message of the quality of your products and services.

Using the right color, font, shapes, and graphics are important in creating the right logo that will represent your brand's personality. At The Side Hustler, we realize the importance of that, which is why we are offering you an opportunity to avail of our Design Services.

Get a well-designed and attractive logo to grab the attention of your audience and help you make a strong impression, separating you from your competition.

Write to for more details.

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Britt K
Britt K
Jan 02, 2020

Great post! I agree, I think a lot of people overlook the importance of a logo early on, but it really does make a HUGE difference on your professionalism. This is true whether it's a traditional business like a store or service, but also for bloggers that are wanting their efforts to be seen as a professional endeavor.


Key Perez
Key Perez
Jan 02, 2020

Yes, logo is important! Do you guys offer logo design? We have logo but I am currently thinking of making a little twists to it. I am in


Beth Elkassih
Beth Elkassih
Jan 02, 2020

Yes, I most definitely agree that if you're going to be a professional blogger, you MUST have a Brand Id or Logo. Made You Smile Back .com

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