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5 reasons why you need to brand your social media graphics!

Branding your social media graphics does not mean sticking your logo everywhere. Branding is so much more.

A lady working on her social media branding.

When you look at high-quality social media profiles of businesses, you notice one thing - consistency - consistency with their colors, fonts, imagery, graphics, and design styles. Developing a particular style makes it easier for people to remember you across all social networks.

The more people see your branding, the more you will be able to sell by building trust. Trust plays a huge role in turning a viewer into your paying customer. Here are a few more reasons why you should brand your social media graphics -

  • They represent you - Your brand is represented by your choice of fonts, colors, and styles. When people come across a similar style, they will automatically associate it with your brand. Choose colors, fonts, and styles that are appropriate to your brand and that complement it rather than oppose it.

A man explaining branding to his colleagues using blocks.
  • They make you memorable - When you think of big brands such as Nike, McDonald's, Pepsi, etc. you instantly remember their logo and maybe their tagline too. Branding makes you memorable, so give your audience something to remember by being different.

  • They attract customers - Images, colors, and fonts convey meanings whether you believe it or not. That is enough by itself to attract your ideal customers. This is also a reason why blue is commonly used in the branding of several businesses as the color symbolizes trust and intelligence.

  • They reach a large audience - When your customers and followers share your branded social media graphics as opposed to them being unbranded, you'll reach a larger audience that will be able to remember you and reach out to you. Many of them will then convert into your followers and potential customers.

  • They tell a story - Visuals and branded graphics tell a story that your audience can relate to or connect with. They will recognize your brand everywhere they go, telling stories about you.

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Krysten Quiles
Krysten Quiles
Oct 21, 2021

This is so helpful and I totally agree, great info!

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