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5 social media tips shared by 5 social media coaches!

We asked 5 social media coaches for the best social media tip they had for small businesses. Here's what they had to say!

A social media coach posing for the camera for her social media page.

Social Media is a valuable marketing tool for every business. You have an opportunity to reach a massive audience organically. Unfortunately, too many businesses aren't utilizing social media platforms in the right way. You may have beautiful and creative images, graphics, and videos but they are of no use if no one is seeing them or engaging with them. Engagement drives reach and a higher reach gets your posts seen by more people. The more people see your posts, the more you grow.

Businesses are also juggling between multiple platforms without a clear focus or have no idea of how to make the best use of a particular platform. Here are the 5 social media tips that you can use to get your business going on social media -

  • Ana, Social Media Strategist - "Social media is so vast with a lot of content. It is difficult to establish a presence as an influencer or small business. But the good thing is, that social media is also a way to be connected to a community. Therefore, creating a story or brand will help an influencer/small business be connected to its target market. When we think about our brand story, we should always put our target market on the top to have clarity in our brand. Build a brand with a story to tell, not only a business with a system to sell."

A social media manager using her phone to manage social media accounts.
  • Allison Henderson, Social Media Business Coach - "If you are trying to sell something on social media, stop using the phrase, “let me know”. Start asking questions like, “would you like more information? OR “are you looking for support with this?” Questions will get them to reply & engage. “Let me know” does not."

  • The Meaningful Social Club - "It’s important to understand your customer journey as a whole and have a clear strategy that targets every step of the marketing funnel. Organic social media content is great for brand awareness, and you can follow this up with some targeted FB and IG Ads to turn followers into customers.

  • Andrea, Social Media Manager - "Stop undervaluing the importance of social media & just thinking that it's something you’ll get around to when you can “afford” it. Investing in social media is a MUST for a small business in 2021. That can look like hiring a manager or investing the time & money to learn more yourself, but you can’t be out here having your 20-year-old employee who’s “good with that stuff” post some pics for you and expect that to be an effective strategy to drive sales. You’re leaving money on the table with that mindset."

  • Chonetell, Social Media Coach - "You do not need to spend hours on Instagram to build up your followers. You only need to spend 45 minutes a day on Instagram. Here’s a little schedule - Engage in IG lives - 2 minutes, Engage with Hashtags - 3 minutes, Engage on your homepage as well as others who engage with you - 5 minutes, Leave comments on big accounts - 5 minutes. Do this 3 times a day!"

At The Side Hustler, we realize the importance of social media for your blog/side hustle/business, which is why we are offering you an opportunity to avail of our Social Media Services that include Social Media Audits, Content Creation, Community Management, and Consultation.

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Tracy McHugh
Tracy McHugh
May 12, 2022

Thanks for sharing! I feel like I need so much help on social media.


These are great tips I especially like Allison's alternative phrases and Chonetell's 3 times a day tips


I'm working on developing my social media strategy right now. I appreciate the coach tips! Chonetell's 3x / day approach is being added to mine!


Tracy McHugh
Tracy McHugh
Apr 28, 2022

Social Media is so daunting. Thanks for the tips!


This is such a convenient round up for social media tips! I love how most of these tips are actually actionable. Thanks for sharing!

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