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5 ways to motivate yourself that you can implement today!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Being motivated at all times is just not easy, if not impossible. However, it is quite possible to stay focused for most of your journey towards your goals and dreams.

A motivational quote on the wall of an office that says Punch today in the face.

It is natural to get distracted, lose focus and just relax on your couch and spend the day binge-watching your favorite shows or browsing through social media. You can't be blamed though, when in today's world we have the internet and with it comes several distractions. You could be knowledgeable with the things that you would need to do to achieve your goals, but very often, for many, doing the things is hard and doing them consistently over a period of time is harder. Different people have different techniques and ways to stay motivated, especially on the days when they they need that extra push working towards what they desire. Here are a few ways that you can implement to stay motivated, regain focus and demolish your goals - 1. Establish your end goals and do lots of research. Write down your goals and the things that you would need to do to achieve them, writing them down gives you clarity and something to work on. If you need to stick them up somewhere to constantly remind you of them, do it. Your next step would be to do lots of research, fortunately, all the information that you would need is available on your fingertips. A thorough research will help you get an insight into what difficulties you might run into along the way. There are many who share their personal experiences from whom you can learn and put things into practice. Do them consistently over a period of time and watch yourself making progress. 2. Your competition is you, no one else. Comparing yourself to others and what they have accomplished is a surefire way of losing motivation. Focus on yourself. Instead of aiming to perfect, aim to be better than what you were yesterday. You can never be perfect. When you look back, over a period of time, you will not only learn from your mistakes and come a long way but will be more motivated than ever to reach your end goal.

A motivational poster in front of a work desk at home.

3. Have fun in accomplishing your goals, reward yourself. Create a reward for yourself in completing tasks. These rewards can be anything from having your favorite cuisine to binge-watching your shows or just lazing around on the weekend doing things that you would normally have no time for. This keeps you motivated to work towards those little rewards and helps you complete your tasks. Alternatively, you can also set punishments for not completing certain tasks. 4. Failure will always be a part of your journey, don't fear it and embrace it instead. If you don't fail, it often means that you aren't really trying. Failure is a part of a successful journey. Fearing failure and fearing what others would think if you failed is going to hold you back from even beginning your journey. Embrace failure and you will realize it isn't so bad, after all, you only learn from your mistakes and get better with time. There will be a time when you will be proud of your failures more than your successes as the failures help you reach your goal. 5. Remember your successes. Write down those little accomplishments that you managed to achieve for it will always motivate you to push harder and work towards your end goals. Besides, you can watch motivational videos of someone else's success and their journey could inspire you. Related - 10 ways to express gratitude and be more thankful! 7 habits of successful people to get inspired from! Pin the image below and save it for later or you can share it among your friends and families on Facebook and Twitter.

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