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5 ways to achieve consistent branding on Social Media!

Consistency in branding will help you sell more and stand out from your competition.

Achieving consistency in branding should be among your top priorities on social media. It will give you recognition while also standing out from a crowd of businesses that do the same thing. By standing out, you are able to attract more customers. You are then able to offer and sell more.

Here is how you can achieve that branding consistency -

  • Set brand guidelines - The first and the most important step towards achieving branding consistency. Create clear rules and standards for your visual and written materials. This includes your brand tone and voice, color palette, logo, images, fonts, copy, etc.

  • Organize your assets - Use an asset management tool that lets you store your business's visual assets in one place. This helps in streamlining the design process and making collaborations simpler.

  • Repurpose content - Repurposing content is cost-efficient. Soundbites from webinars and podcasts can be clipped for a social media post. Blog posts can be compiled into an e-book or summarized in the form of a carousel on Instagram.

  • Align your actions - Your actions need to align with your brand. Every post, every message, every reply to comments should be done with your brand in mind. Otherwise, consumers will take note and it will hurt the impression that you make.

  • Collaborate with the right influencers - To represent your brand, choose influencers that are legit, that appeal to your target audience, and whose personality complements your brand.

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