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5 ways to increase your sales through design!

We are subconsciously drawn to quality design and are subconsciously repelled by bad design.

A graphic designer working on her designs in her office.

As humans, we are visual creatures, so the power of graphic design, in many ways, speaks for itself. Good design increases your company’s value, boosts sales, and puts your business in a better financial situation. Through building trust, making strong first impressions, building customer relationships, and even executing successful campaigns, good design helps make your business more profitable.

Here is how you can increase your sales through design -

  • Use the right colors - Colors have the power to trigger emotional responses in viewers. Different colors create different emotions which could be joy, sadness, trust, disgust, anticipation, surprise, fear, and anger. For example, yellow evokes emotions of serenity, joy, and ecstasy.

Graphic designers working on their designs to attract more attention.
  • Graphics are your digital storefront - Graphic design can achieve the goal of creating a dynamic and compelling digital storefront. Your graphic designs need to be both interesting and creatively appealing, on top of giving the viewer a clue into what they can expect inside the blog post, newsletter, or website.

  • Graphics need brilliant content - Once the customer is in your store, they need great reasons to stay. Informative and interesting content is a powerful reason for your customers to stick around. Content needs to be well-written and readable while also providing value.

  • Limit distractions - Design elements like advertisements and social links can take the user away from the direct business goal – the reason why your customer is visiting your social media page or website. Limit your usage of such elements.

  • Use eye-popping visuals - Humans are more visual in nature, we are attracted to visuals that grab our attention instantly. Make your visuals large and position them in a way that attracts the user and influences them to interact.

At The Side Hustler, we realize the importance of design for your blog/side hustle/business, which is why we are offering you an opportunity to avail of our Design Services that includes Logos, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, Brochures, and Menus. We also design and create impressive content for your social media!

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5 commentaires

This is so true. The visual is always the first thing to grab peoples attention.


Christa Price
Christa Price
20 juin 2022

Excellent information here! Thanks for the tips.


Dr Santiago
Dr Santiago
16 mai 2022

I struggle with knowing which colors I should use. What a color means or make me feel is not necessarily the same for others. Thanks for your tips.


Excellent advice! Great post!


Alejandra María Mora
Alejandra María Mora
17 févr. 2022

Very informative

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