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5 ways you can get fit without a Gym Membership and Save Money!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

If you are just not meant for the gym or looking to save a little extra, you can still get fitter and have a fatter wallet.

A lady doing push-ups outdoors in her gym clothes.

Having a gym membership is convenient and helps you focus on a more specific fitness goal. However, if you are among those who are just looking to avoid spending on memberships or just don't have the time and can't commit to an upfront yearly payment, we have 5 different ways that you can still implement to get fitter. These ways are either free or cost next to nothing! 1. Use fitness apps. There are plenty of apps on both, the App Store and Google Play that are fitness centered and have workouts that you can try at home or anywhere else that don't require any equipments. Some of the apps are free with some features within the app requiring you to pay while the others are paid apps. These apps also have diet plans, recipe tips and personalized workouts. If you do opt for a paid app, its still a lot cheaper than any membership and will only require your time and a place for you to kill your workout. Combine your fitness app with a fitness watch and take your fitness regime to a different level. 2. Home exercise equipments. Hop into any of the Sporting Goods stores around and you will find a section full of equipments that you can use at home. You do not have to set up an entire gym at home but you can begin by using certain equipments that are pretty useful. These equipments will last for a long time and are very cheap over the long run.

A lady stretching outdoors warming up for her exercise.

3. Outdoor exercises at parks and beaches. Beaches and Parks around do have certain facilities provided that you can use to exercise and burn off those calories. Not to forget, it is a lot more refreshing exercising outdoors when the weather is good. There are jogging/bicycling tracks also provided. All you'll have to do is research and find these areas, follow the rules mentioned and you're good to go. 4. Indoor exercises. When the weather is too hot, you have a tendency to get lazy and skip your exercises. You can still exercise indoors even without any home exercise equipment. Use fitness apps or Pinterest to find the workout that you can do at home. Or you can just run up and down the stairs in your home/building. Good luck if your building has lots of floors. 5. Play a sport. This is the best one out of the lot, get your friends together and play a sport that you would enjoy. Certain places do require you to pay some amount to access a football field, tennis court, etc. for a period of time, so do keep that in mind. Pin the image below and save it for later or you can share it among your friends and families on Facebook and Twitter.

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If you change your mind and would prefer to join a gym instead, check out ways in which you can save money in obtaining a gym membership here.

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Maria Lucille
Maria Lucille
Feb 06, 2019

Totally! I'm the mom outside doing lunges with a stroller...:)

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