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6 ways to avoid side hustle burnouts!

Quitting your side hustle is not the solution when you experience burnout trying to juggle your 9 to 5 and your side business.

A lady experiencing side hustle burnout in her office.

Trying to fit your side hustle into nights or weekends after hours of full-time work at a day job can be downright exhausting. If you are constantly working without breaks, sacrificing your sleep and health in the process, you will experience burnout faster.

Side hustles are just like a business. They need a lot of time, energy, and effort. Results are never guaranteed, it may take days, weeks, or months for your side hustle to generate income or be profitable. Even then, income may be too low in comparison to the amount of time you spend over it. This is when physical and mental fatigue increases leading to burnout. Avoiding burnout is essential not only for the health of your business but also for your mental well-being. Here are a few ways to avoid them -

  • Time your side hustle - Try to fit your side hustle work during your most productive time of the week. This could be weekends, late evenings, or early mornings.

  • Stick to your schedule - Create a schedule for your side hustle hours and stick to it. You need to set it as a priority which means telling no to any other non-urgent thing that comes up during those times.

A man experiencing a side hustle burnout covering his head with his laptop.
  • Prioritize rest - Allow yourself to rest. The hustle culture is not a healthy culture if it only allows you 4 hours of sleep. Rest and good sleep is essential for you to function at your optimal level every day. Learn to stop when you need to. Aim for anything between 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

  • Don't take up every project - Taking whatever work that comes your way does not work over the long run. It will exhaust you without much pay. Learn the value of your time and set rates, create packages, and contracts.

  • Stop overworking your job - How many of you work beyond the required hours of your full-time job without any added pay? Work is not everything in life and you need the right work-life balance for your own sanity.

  • Take a break - Different from prioritizing rest, taking a break daily is essential for your work. Exercise, go for a walk, listen to music, meditate, or do anything that relaxes you. Got a hobby? Work on it.

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Great Tips Hensel, I try to set hours as well but I need to do better!

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