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7 life skills for a successful career!

A successful career is built on skills that will lead to growth and development in all areas of your life.

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Time is limited and in that limited time, you want to focus on building skills that are valuable for you and your career. To be successful in your career, you need to be more than just networking.

Getting that raise or promotion, negotiating contracts and salaries, cracking deals with clients, managing your time efficiently all require the development of other essential skills.

Here are the 7 skills that can take you one step ahead of your competition -

  • Communication - This involves the ability to communicate verbally, through writing, and body language. It also includes active listening, public speaking, and presentation skills.

  • Resiliency - Learning to cope with failure and developing resiliency is essential for success. Failure is inevitable and a part of the learning process.

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  • Decision-Making - You need to analyze situations, weigh different options, and make the best possible decisions with confidence based on the information you have.

  • Cooperation - You must be able to cooperate with others and work as part of a team. This may include improving your leadership skills, negotiations, and empathy.

  • Be open to criticism - Feedback and constructive criticism are a crucial part of learning and improving performance. Constructive criticism is very different from hate.

  • Time-Management - Essential for staying disciplined and meeting goals and deadlines. It also helps you balance work and everything else to live a happy balanced life.

  • Continuous Learning - Continually learn and upgrade yourself not just with career-related skills but also skills that affect other aspects of your life. This will lead to personal development.

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1 ความคิดเห็น

These are great tips for a successful career. Most people wouldn't realize everything that's involved in communication. You could easily do a workshop on each one of these skills that are needed for a successful career and go deep into each one. That would be incredible! Especially, for new job seekers or new graduates.

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