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7 personality traits costing you a job offer!

Certain personality traits and characteristics can stop you from securing a job at an interview.

A man feeling sad after being rejected for a job offer.

Employers and recruiters find certain personality traits to be less desirable than others. Around three-quarters of employers believe personality is the most important element when considering someone for a job, over education or appearance.

Your personality traits are more important than you think which is why it is important to build a good dynamic personality. Knowing the desirable personality traits can also be the difference between employment and unemployment. Here are the personality traits that could cost you a job offer -

  • Being Entitled - Stop believing you should receive certain privileges or get special treatment. There are a lot of worthy candidates and you should be grateful if you do get the job.

  • Being Ignorant - This can be simply lacking knowledge or awareness about the company or the industry. You need to do your homework before the interview. Don't expect to wing it.

A man being entitled and arrogant.
  • Being Unethical - It is a sign of dishonesty and no company likes dishonest employees. Hiring managers will ask you about your processes to identify immoral patterns.

  • Being Close-Minded - Always show employers and recruiters that you are open to learning new things and being innovative. You need to be inquisitive and think outside the box.

  • Being Unreliable - Employers judge your ability to be reliable by simply considering the time you arrived for the interview. Arrive on time to show that you are reliable.

  • Being Arrogant - You may come across as arrogant in your replies to interview questions without you realizing it. Try practicing your answers by sounding more humble.

  • Being Negative - Companies like to maintain an environment of positivity and anyone breeding hate or negativity is a threat.

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