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7 productivity tools to help you be more productive!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Focus on the right things, ignore distractions and accomplish something useful with these tools designed to help you organize, track and measure your work.

An iMac displaying the words Do More, providing motivation to be more productive.

With plenty of distractions easily available today than ever before it is quite easy to procrastinate. We are all guilty of procrastinating. It is impossible to be productive all the time unless one starts working like a robot which in turn, could have an adverse effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.

However, it is possible to divide your tasks into smaller and simpler tasks; completing them in short bouts while taking adequate rest in between. It helps you focus better and has been proven to be more productive. Productivity tools help you in taking it a step further with better organization and management of your tasks.

Here is a list of the top 7 productivity tools to help you be more productive. Bear in mind that these tools are only as good as the user.

1. Evernote.

Used more commonly by bloggers, entrepreneurs and journalists, Evernote helps you keep all your notes organized within notebooks. You can share your notes via email or social media, take and attach pictures, voice memos, spreadsheets, docs, set reminders and create check-boxes for your to-do lists. It also syncs across all your devices. The best part about Evernote is that you can access them offline as well.

Evernote is perfect for having journals, grocery lists, meal lists or weight journals. You can also record interviews and meetings, write down bucket lists, class notes and remind yourself of the things that you need to do.

Find more information on Evernote, here.

2. Trello.

Based on Kanban flows, Trello utilizes the concept of boards which correspond to projects. Within these boards you have cards representing tasks. Trello helps in easy prioritization of tasks and have as many lists as you need under each board. For example, You could have to do, doing, and done lists within each of these boards. Move tasks across the lists and collaborate with others on any group board/project.

Also, Trello is quite handy when researching for ideas on group projects. You can create a list for it and all those working on the project can simply jot down all their ideas and mark them with different colors to signify importance.

Find more information on Trello, here.

3. Grammarly.

Need smart spellcheck to help you find incorrect words, broken tenses and better synonyms? Grammarly helps you with all of that. The best proofreading tool out there that helps improve your writing style and makes sure everything from emails to reports and other documents are free of any grammatical errors. Besides, it also detects plagiarism by comparing your writing to web pages across the web.

Find more information on Grammarly, here.

4. Toggl.

The leading app that helps you in tracking time that you take to complete different tasks. More commonly used by freelancers and those that get paid by the hour, it helps your provide reports with details for every task and the amount of time you've taken to complete them. You can set tracking reminders in case you forget to track your time. Toggl also has a feature that helps you pause and continue your time entries and round them up to the nearest minute or hour.

Find more information on Toggl, here.

5. CamScanner.

Turn your phone or tablet into a scanner with this app. You can scan and digitize any document. The app auto crops the scanned photos and enhances the scan results. You can quickly share all your scanned documents from the app as images or a PDF file. Organize all your scanned documents within the app and add notes to them or merge them with other documents.

Find more information about CamScanner, here.

6. Expense Manager.

The best finance tool out there to help you be more organized and productive when it comes to managing your finances. Add all your expenses and incomes within the app across different customizable categories, manage budgets and sync data across all your devices. You can also backup all your data over Google Drive or sync with Dropbox. Expense Manager also has features where you can view reports, scan and attach bills/receipts and use tools within the app such as currency converter, interest and loan calculator etc.

Find more information about Expense Manager, here.

7. Google Drive.

With Google Drive, you get 15 GB of storage for free. You can store all your files, documents, photos, videos and organize them into folders. Files uploaded are private and only viewed by you. However, you can invite others to view and edit files or folders that you choose. Besides that, you can work on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides taking your productivity to a different level. Google forms lets you create surveys while Google Drawings help you create flowcharts and diagrams.

Find more information about Google Drive, here. Related - 5 ways to motivate yourself that you can implement today!

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Beth Elkassih
Beth Elkassih

These are great resources which I use alot, but I will definitely check out your first suggest, "Evernote".

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