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7 signs of a bad company to work for!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Working for a bad company can not only lead to a loss of productivity but it can also demotivate you and negatively affect your health.

A lady stressed out at her workplace

Getting a good job is tough when you are competing against several candidates of the same caliber. Getting a good job at a good company is even tougher. Every job seeker has a list of companies where they would love to work at and also a list of companies where they would wish to not even apply for a job.

Sometimes job seekers are in a desperate situation where they are forced to grab whatever opportunity comes their way. But it is always wiser to wait for the right opportunity because a bad opportunity is only going to force you to quit at some point down the lane. Not to forget the negative effects that it will have on your mental health. Here are the seven signs of a bad company to work for -

  • No core values - Core values are the driving force of an organization. Not having any core values mean that the company culture is likely to progress without any sense of direction.

  • A high rate of turnover - High rates of turnover and absenteeism reflects the bad company culture, poor leadership, or their hire & fire cycle. Past employees quitting their job or being regularly absent from work is a very good indication of the bad company culture.

  • No rewards or acknowledgments - Lack of rewards or praise creates a negative company culture where a majority of the workforce feels undervalued and underappreciated. It is also demotivating for other employees when only a selected few get all the praise.

  • Unclear job responsibilities - Vague job descriptions without clear job responsibilities lead to frustration, poor performance reviews, and stagnation. Every job role needs responsibilities that are clearly laid out to the employee. This way the employee is aware of what is expected of him/her and their performance can be adequately measured.

A lady feeling a work burnout at her workplace.
  • Irregular paychecks - Frequent delays and mishandling of salaries can mean major financial challenges or an inefficient payroll process in place. A company that constantly delays paying out salaries is not the right company to work for particularly if you are in a financial crunch.

  • Unacceptable policies - Company policies that prohibit you from having another part-time job or prohibit managers from providing you with references are just not acceptable. If the part-time job does not interfere with your full-time job there should be no reason as to why the company shouldn't allow you to take up another job simultaneously.

  • Bad reputation - Past employees and the word in the market is often a good indication of the reputation of a company. Check sites like Glassdoor for reviews of the company. Reach out to present and former employees via LinkedIn to learn more about the company culture.

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