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7 signs you have no work-life balance!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Work-life balance only happens when you make your life a priority and when you can honestly assess your mental, physical, spiritual, and work health habits.

A lady completely exhausted from her work stress.

The current generation is all about hustle and grind. Sometimes we believe that if we are not working or being productive, we are wasting time. On other occasions, we are being forced to work for longer and longer hours with little to no overtime pay. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if what you’re experiencing is just the “daily grind” or a total lack of work-life balance that’s adding to your overall stress levels.⁣

Both these cases are signs of no work-life balance which will ultimately lead to work burnout. It is important to re-evaluate your work-life balance and make some healthy changes. Here are a few common signs of a lack of work-life balance -

  • No clear boundaries - There are no clear boundaries between your work and personal life. You’re working longer and longer hours. You can’t take time off without getting calls, texts, and emails from work. You feel like you have to be available 24x7.

  • Ignoring your health - You've been ignoring your health for far too long. With not enough time for exercise or a healthy diet, you can experience your physical health slowly going downhill.

  • Always exhausted - Being physically and mentally exhausted all the time is a sign of your work-life balance taking a whack. Work stress will also make you prone to fatigue/sickness.

A lady stressed out at her workplace.
  • No days off - You don’t take a day off from work. Dedication to work is admirable, but health should always be a priority. Use your holiday and sick leaves when rest is needed. This will get you refreshed and ready for work.

  • Losing patience too easily - You are easily irritated or angry over simple matters. Work stress can put you on edge. If you don’t step back and take a breather, you will crack under pressure.

  • No fun experience in ages - Focusing too much on work is making you miss out on fun experiences and valuable time with family & friends. Ensure you do at least one thing you enjoy each week.

  • Struggling with relationships - Not spending enough time with your loved ones puts a strain on your relationship with them. Re-prioritize your goals and take time out of your schedule.

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Ashley Melo
Ashley Melo
Oct 14, 2020

Love this! Work-life balance is so important!


KaiLin Swan
KaiLin Swan
Sep 23, 2020

Work-life balance is a real struggle. I definitely have to work on quite a few of those... Thanks for sharing!

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