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7 tips to help you in preparing for a Skype interview!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Nervous about your next interview over Skype? Follow these tips and create a great first impression that could land you the job!

Skype app opened on a smartphone over a laptop for an interview call.

When it comes to remote jobs, Skype is often used to interview potential candidates as employers prefer a face-to-face interaction. Other employers may also opt for Skype as a strategic and innovative way of examining their prospective employees. Besides, it cuts out travel time and is quite convenient when an employer has a busy schedule. The etiquette around a Skype interview is different from both in-person and phone interviews. Although there are a few things common when it comes to preparing for them it is always advisable to be over-prepared than the opposite. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for your next Skype interview -

1. Do your research.

The best way to be well-prepared for any interview is through proper research. Read the job description well, search for relevant information about the company on Google, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Know your own resume, cover letter and portfolio well by reading it a couple of times to be prepared for any question that may come your way. Note down a list of other possible questions that the interviewer may ask along with your answers. Also, have a list of questions ready to ask the interviewer.

2. Choose a good surrounding.

Pick a quiet place for the interview, preferably a spot with good lighting. Take a note of the backdrop and remove anything from the surroundings that could be distracting. Avoid any other interruptions by informing anyone else around you that you have an interview scheduled. Mute other sounds that may interrupt your interview such as social media notifications popping. Use the silent or airplane mode on your phone and close other programs.

3. Test your Skype connection.

Do a test run of your camera, microphone and the Skype application itself to avoid any possible glitches or interruptions. Update the application if you need to. Practice looking into the camera and not be tempted to watch yourself so as to maintain a direct eye contact with the interviewer. Make sure to have a professional Skype username and profile picture.

Skype website opened in a web browser on a laptop for an interview call.

4. Keep all that you need on hand.

Before the interview, it is quite helpful to have your resume, a copy of the job posting, questions that you may want to ask on hand. However, bear in mind that you shouldn't come across as reading off the page literally but a quick glance should help you with what you need. Keep a notebook and pen around as well to jot down anything that you may need to. Related - 7 reasons why you need an attractive resume! 5 reasons why you need a Cover Letter!

5. Dress professionally.

Dress to impress. A professional dress code for video interviews is always expected. Treat your Skype interview like an in-person interview. Be well-dressed from head to toe. This will also help you avoid any situation where you may be required to stand and the interviewer finds out that you have shorts on the bottom.

6. Make a note of your body language.

Have a good posture, relax your shoulders and be prepared to sit for a long time. A Skype interview may last as long as an in-person interview. So make sure you have a comfortable seat. Don't forget to smile. Smile as often as you can, it will keep your nerves away giving you more confidence. Besides, it is a great way to develop a rapport with the interviewer.

7. Follow-Up with a Thank You email.

Following up after an interview is a must, especially if you really want the job and want the interviewer to know it. Send a thank you note in the form of an email. An email is the best way to follow up after an interview. You can send it on the same day but not directly after the call. Confirm your interest in the company, ability to do the job and desire to take things to the next step.

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