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7 ways to avoid online distractions and focus on work!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Being able to focus is a competitive advantage with several distractions online easily accessible on your smartphone.

Office workers avoiding online distractions and focusing on work.

Smartphones are the most common distractions with almost everyone owning one today. With access to the Internet, you have an endless supply of Social Media consumption, YouTube binge, gaming and other entertainment apps. Mobile games have become more popular than even the most developed of console games.

It is no surprise that it is a lot harder to focus on work and the important tasks at hand. Your best work and most innovative ideas often come from the time you spend doing deep, focused work. Overcoming the distractions and getting things done will help you be a lot more productive.

Here are the 7 ways to avoid online distractions and get down to work -

1. Go offline.

For a specific period of time, say no to checking your emails. Turn off your notifications or switch on the airplane mode on your smartphone. Notifications seem to only distract us for a few seconds but it disrupts our thoughts and work process for far longer. Set up a schedule during which you may check your emails and a process where you check your phone notifications only after you have completed a task.

2. Take a break.

Divide your tasks into smaller tasks and take a break when you complete those little tasks. This allows you to schedule your distractions and be productive. No one can be productive throughout the day working like a robot. Scheduling your distractions in between your tasks is the best way to destress yourself and get more things done.

3. Tune it out.

Listen to music if it helps you focus better. Plug in your earphones, keep a playlist ready and get to work. However, bear in mind that you are more likely to be distracted by new and interesting songs or if the song is played on a high volume. Turn the volume down and limit your playlist to songs that you've listened to before.

4. Stop multitasking.

We all think we are great at multitasking but the truth is most of us can't multitask, at least not as effectively as we think. Multitasking ruins productivity, causes mistakes and impedes creative thought. Instead, focus on one thing at a time. You are more likely to get that task done quickly, correctly and efficiently. Break your tasks down and rank them in order of importance.

A lady focused on her work on her laptop in a cafe.

5. Set deadlines.

Set deadlines for each task that needs to be completed. You are more likely to focus and get it done when you know you have a deadline for it. Set realistic deadlines and don't be too hard on yourself or have a relaxed deadline. Besides, you can then reward yourself once you have completed it.

6. Consider a change in location.

A change in location may help you change your mood and regain your concentration. Move to a coffee shop, to the park, work from home or any other place where you can focus and get your tasks completed.

7. Use focus tools.

There are lots of apps and tools to help you stay focused and improve your productivity. Inbox Pause gives you control over when emails appear in your Inbox. Freedom blocks access to websites, apps, or the whole internet for a chosen period of time.

Also, check out our list of 7 productivity tools to help you be more productive, here.

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I like the way you break your post up into sections to make it easy to read. I had to chuckle when I read #2. When you work at home and have cats, you don't have to schedule breaks. The cats do that for you. "Mom, it's time to feed us." "Mom, it's play time." "Mom, are you STILL sitting there." (The last one is communicated by standing on hind legs and putting paws on my legs or wheelchair arm rests when I have been at my computer for too long.) They make very sure that I take regular breaks from my work.


Kylie Holliman
Kylie Holliman
May 25, 2019

I love the change in location one! That's something I've been needing to do lately. As much as I love my office/desk space, sometimes I just need to switch it up!


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