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7 ways to find fulfillment outside of work!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Develop a sense of meaning and achieve the perfect work-life balance with ways that can bring you joy outside of work.

A lady drinking her tea while reading a book, laying in her bed.

What you do outside of work is just as important as your work itself. Assuming 40 hours of work in a week with 56 hours of sleep, if you manage to sleep for 8 hours daily, you still have 72 hours remaining to find meaning outside your work. Of course, you would have a few other things to do as well in those 72 hours but there is enough time to do the things that make you happy.

Here are 7 different ways to find fulfillment outside of work - 1. Create goals.

Start a hobby such as cooking or reading or learn something that you have always wanted to, such as a new instrument. Pursuing a hobby and having something new to learn will change your attitude at work as well since you won't be relying on your job to satisfy you. Make time for these hobbies or your passion and set goals for them. You will feel accomplished when you achieve those goals.

2. Make time.

Prioritize time for yourself and the things that you need to do. Learn to say no when you need to so that you don't use up all your time making others happy. Use the time to relax, pursue your hobbies and passion. Spend time with your friends and families and develop a meaningful relationship with them.

3. Avoid comparing.

Avoid comparing yourself to others or your past to your present for you may never be satisfied. Everyone is on a different journey and you may not realise the amount of work that others would have put to reach where they are. However, you may look for inspiration from others and be motivated to work towards your own goals. Aim to be better than what you are today and you will find yourself more fulfilled.

4. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing all of your attention on the current moment, and accepting it without judgement. Being mindful helps in decreasing stress and anxiety, minimizing the amount of time you spend feeling overwhelmed, appreciating each small moment as it happens.

A lady pursuing her passion of photography with her camera.

5. Volunteer for a cause.

Look for any volunteering opportunities available where you can sign-up and give back to the society. There are plenty of groups and charity drives happening around that you can search for via Google or Facebook. Giving back to the society is an amazing way to not just achieve fulfillment but meet new people, develop compassion and be a part of the community.

6. Join professional groups.

Professional groups are a great place to learn new skills and network with like-minded individuals. These groups are comprised of individuals with different levels of experience and networking around may help you get out of your comfort zone and even land a new job.

7. Practice gratitude.

With a busy life that you may be leading, you may often forget to stop and appreciate the things that you have. Practice the art of being thankful and maintain a positive outlook with a positive mindset. Besides, practicing gratitude will increase your longevity, strengthen your relationships and even improve the quality of your sleep.

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Totally agree that people need things outside of work, as it's especially important for your mental health!


Kate Murray
Kate Murray
Jul 03, 2019

Great article, social media seems to contribute to all of us living in "comparisonville" these days...what a refreshing read! Love your tips!!

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