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8 common graphic design myths busted!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Believing in these design myths can be costly for your business as design impacts your brand image.

A graphic designer working on her designs in the office.

The way your brand is visually perceived by the public impacts your public perception and is a valuable business investment. Branding is what sets a business apart from the rest. We are able to relate to brands and love certain brands because of their branding.

However, there are a lot of design myths that not only hurt designers but all businesses too. As business owners, investing in bad designs or not investing at all can cause the downfall of your business. Here are some of these common design myths -

  • Myth - Design is an easy job. Fact - Design is not easy. It is a time-consuming process - where designers work long hours on tight deadlines for demanding clients. The entire design process involves a lot of creativity which sometimes you really cannot put a price tag on.

  • Myth - Design is cheap. Fact - Yes, it could be cheap when you get it off of sites such as Fiver. But you don't want your branding to look cheap or be called cheap. Good, sound, and effective design are not cheap because it is a collective effort that has gone through rigorous testing and quality control before it is even presented for the first time. When a lot of time, talent, and dedication goes into something - you cannot charge $5 for it.

  • Myth - Design is not important. Fact - Design matters more than you think. Through design, you can refine the look of a mediocre product and ensure that it looks like the best product in the market. Invest in design before you start building your product or service so that once you are ready to hit the market, you already look like an established player.

The workspace of a graphic designer in her office.
  • Myth - Anyone can design. Fact - Access to free and paid software does not mean that you can design. Designing is a skill that requires years of practice, training, creativity, trial, and error, etc. Tools are only as good as the designer.

  • Myth - Design is for print only. Fact - Design encompasses a wide range of digital mediums. This includes websites, web banners, social media graphics, email newsletters, etc. Also, in today's world - we use digital more than print. Why would you not want to look good on digital too?

  • Myth - You need fancy tools when it comes to design. Fact - Professional designers use expensive tools but you do not need them to create beautiful designs. Use the resources that are available to you. There are plenty of free design tools in the market. Apply basic design concepts, take inspiration from others, keep practicing - and you will be able to create impressive designs.

  • Myth - You need to be gifted to be a designer. Fact - The best designers are so creative that it is often said that you need to be born with those creative skills to be good at design. But this is not true. Creativity can be learned. You can learn how to design and how to be creative as well.

  • Myth - Design is all about making things look pretty. Fact - Design is not just about making things look pretty. Also, pretty is very subjective - what is pretty to the designer may not be pretty to someone else. Pretty is not always the goal of design. Neat and clean designs are attractive but it is only a part of it. But design can also be used to shock the viewer, prompt thinking, and even arouse feelings of anger.

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