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8 productive things to do when your business is slow!

Every business will experience a slowdown at some point in time and instead of being frustrated, use the time to do these productive things.

Small business employees working and enjoying little successes.

Since 2020, times have been tough for side hustlers and businesses, in particular, small businesses. COVID-19 is here to stay for a while and we cannot blame anyone but pull up our socks and make the best use of what we have.

If you are able to survive a few months of low sales, you can use your free time to make changes to your business systems. This will make things more seamless, organized, productive, and time-saving for you in the future.

Here are a few valuable things to do when your business hits the wall -

  • Update your website - Review your website copy, layout, images, calls to action on every page. Delete anything that isn't relevant. Ensure your website sticks to your current branding and is optimized for the end-user - responsive across devices and browsers with fast loading speeds. This will enhance the user experience.

  • Learn new skills - Use the time to learn something new that can add value to your business and clients. Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning are great places to learn new skills. If you are looking for something for free, YouTube by itself has a lot of wonderful content.

  • Write blog posts - Adding a blog section to your website is a great option for all businesses. Write about topics that relate to your niche, issues your customers face, and news that will be of interest to them. This will also add to your trust and credibility.

A small business owner writing blog posts for his business on his laptop.
  • Review your expenses - It is important to continually review every expense of your business particularly during downtime. Cut back on any unnecessary expenses and cancel unwanted subscriptions and services.

  • Audit your social media - A social media audit will make you understand the insights that can help you in optimizing your profile, boosting traffic, building a brand identity and driving engagement. Doing a social media audit regularly will let you know if you are meeting your goals and if your social media strategy is actually working.

  • Start automating your tasks - Automate scheduling and posting to social media, email campaigns, invoicing, etc. With so many tools available at your disposal, many tasks of a business can be easily automated to help you save more time.

  • Work on your SEO - With a strong SEO in place, you can get regular web traffic from Google leading to an increase in leads and clients. If you aren't sure of how to improve your SEO - hire help, take an online course or learn through YouTube.

  • Collaborate with others in your niche - This could be influencers or other businesses that complement your business. Influencer marketing is growing and is a very useful way for a business to expand its reach.

At The Side Hustler, we realize the importance of social media for your blog/side hustle/business, which is why we are offering you an opportunity to avail of our Social Media Services that include Social Media Audits, Content Creation, Community Management, and Consultation.

Write to for more details.

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Krysten Quiles
Krysten Quiles
09 sept 2021

This is so helpful, even for bloggers and influencers!

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