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8 skills every freelancer needs!

Learning and mastering these skills will set you up for a successful freelance career.

A lady using her phone to work while being a freelancer.

Being a freelancer is the same as running a business. Except you are managing every aspect of the business. This makes it really important to learn and develop skills that will help you run different parts of your business. You can then grow to a level where you can outsource work or hire help.

Besides that, learning should never stop. If you can continually learn new skills and master them, you can set yourself up for multiple side hustles or new sources of income. Here are the 8 skills that every freelancer needs -

  • Business Management - Treat your freelance stint as a business for it to be successful. Learn the different skills of managing a business such as finance, productivity, networking, project management, etc.

A freelancer working on her laptop from her home during the weekends.
  • Marketing - This includes digital marketing as well as traditional forms of marketing. You need to possess the ability to sell yourself. Learn the basics of digital marketing, email marketing, writing blog posts, etc.

  • Social Media - Social Media has become vital for any and every business. Market yourself on social media to find potential clients by creating content, using hashtags, creating a social media strategy, etc.

  • Creativity - Creativity is one of the top 5 soft skills most needed. You need creativity to stand apart from the rest and be innovative in your approach. Creativity takes time but it can be learned.

  • Communication - Networking, pitching new business, working with different teams every day, and keeping clients up-to-date all require proactive and professional communication skills.

  • Negotiation - Understanding how to negotiate with clients is invaluable. Aim high with your fee but be open to some back and forth with the price. It will take practice to get the hang of it.

  • Stress Management - Keeping a clear head and not overworking yourself is crucial for your freelance business. Learn to set boundaries, aim to have the right work-life balance while still being flexible.

  • Self Development - As a freelancer, learning never stops. You need to keep learning and upgrading your skills while learning the art of managing and growing a business. The new skills will equate to more income over time.

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