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All you need to know about the Facebook Job Search Feature!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

With 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and posting job vacancies to their page, you might just land your next job through Facebook.

A person opening Facebook to access the Facebook Job Search feature.

Facebook is no longer just a place to socialize with your friends and family. With several brands, companies and businesses existing on Facebook, it is now an effective way to connect with them and find your next job. In fact, Facebook is the second most popular social network for recruiters.

Jobs on Facebook is a feature that isn't being used widely by job seekers and this means there is less competition for the jobs that you are interested in. However, Facebook job search feature has been around for 2 years now where employers post jobs directly to their company page or a specific job page. Companies have no limit to the number of jobs they post and they can post them for absolutely free. Job seekers can then apply to these jobs directly through Facebook. An easier way to finding jobs is under a separate Jobs section on Facebook itself where you may view jobs in the specific area, industry or even as per skill and job type. This section is available on the left-hand side under News Feed when browsing Facebook on your Laptop/Desktop. For smartphone users, this section is available under the tab on the right-hand side which displays three horizontal lines.

A person viewing the jobs listed on a Facebook page of a company.

To apply for any job - Click on Apply Now and fill in the application form which contains fields of experience and education. Make sure to update your public profile with all these details so that you do not have to enter this information for every single application that you send across. There's also a 1000 character text box where you may send your cover letter or information on why you're the best person for the job. Once you hit Send, Messenger automatically opens up a new thread between you and the company. The company may then wish to communicate with you through messenger if you've been shortlisted.

An important thing to remember is that employers will be able to view your public profile only. Hence, it is important for you to review your privacy settings and remove any content that could be objectionable or hurt your chances of landing that interview.

Be sure to like and follow the companies that interest you so that you may view their job postings and subscribe to get notifications for the type of job vacancies that interest you. New things will be added soon to the Facebook Job Search Feature as predicted by various experts and we could see Facebook rivaling the likes of LinkedIn and other popular job search platforms.

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How to use Social Media to get a job!

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