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Difference between a Flyer and a Poster and Why you need them for your business!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

These promotional tools are not just thought to be the same but are also ignored when it comes to having an effective marketing strategy.

A man holding a flyer and poster, trying to understand the difference.

Flyers are also referred to as handbills, leaflets, inserts or circulars. They are usually a single, unfolded printed sheet, smaller in size than a poster and are quite easy to distribute by simply handing them out to individuals or left in stacks for anyone to take. They can also be sent via direct mail to a large number of people.

Being more information-oriented, a flyer contains a lot of text and is designed to grab and hold the audience's attention span. They are commonly used to draw attention towards an event, promotion or a social cause giving the user as much information as they need without creating an information overload.

Importance of a Flyer:

- A flyer is an important tool as it is cost-effective. They can work effectively for any marketing campaign even on a tight budget.

- A flyer helps in enticing potential customers. For example, including a discount offer along with your flyer can help in gaining new customers that can turn into loyal customers.

- It provides easy access to customers and builds a personal relationship with them by personally handing out the flyers or by mailing it to them.

- A well-designed flyer can not only grab the attention of your audience but also create a positive, professional image of your brand.

A poster of a restaurant hanging on a wall.

On the other hand, posters are also a marketing/promotional tool that is used to promote businesses, events, and services in a fixed location. Unlike flyers, they do not need to be handed out but need to be placed in a location, preferably one that has many visitors.

Posters tend to be more attractive than a flyer and are designed to create an impression on a large group of people for a long period of time. Posters are larger in size as well and are expensive when compared to flyers. They contain less text as they are meant to involve the viewer with attractive visuals.

Importance of a Poster:

- A poster helps in creating a quick and immediate visual impression and is an excellent tool for areas with high foot traffic.

- They often feature a compelling message and are suitable for events, promotions and other causes.

- Since posters remain for a long period of time, they offer continuous exposure to your brand, which in turn could be sending new customers your way.

- Overall, it is still an affordable marketing tool compared to other forms of marketing.

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