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Earn cash by selling your study notes on your smartphone!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You now have a reason to stop skipping classes and instead pay attention to them to write down your study notes.

A smartphone showing a screenshot of the app Notesgen containing study notes.

If you are among those students who regularly take notes during class, you may find yourself at a serious advantage here. For now, not only would your fellow classmates be looking for your notes but students all across the world. Help others in learning from you and while you're at it, you could be making some extra cash as well. Notesgen, calling itself the biggest marketplace for student notes, is an app where you can upload your study notes, price them according to your wish and sell them repeatedly. Currently, over 1.5 million users are making use of the app across 195 countries. Students from everywhere can view the notes that are uploaded from the subjects of their choice and can purchase them. Notes are available to view under the Explore tab where notes are listed under different categories such as Arts & Humanities, Commerce, Management, Law, Foreign Language, Engg and Tech, Medical, Miscellaneous and Sciences etc.

A smartphone lying on the table displaying the Notesgen app.

You can view the first three pages of the uploaded notes before deciding if those notes are worth a purchase, hence, valuable study notes can be quite profitable. On each sale, NCash is added to your wallet which you can then redeem for PayPal cash or Paytm. Besides, you can also earn Notesgen Cash (NCash) from In-App Activities such as registration, uploading notes, purchasing notes etc. For more information, visit the website here. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Related - Lock your phone inside classrooms and earn Rewards! Make Money selling your Photos Online with Foap! Sell your photos on your smartphone with Snapwire!

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