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How to make money participating in Competitions over Social Media?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

With lots of Giveaways and Competitions taking place daily, you could be missing out on an easy opportunity to earn extra money!

If you have entered a competition previously over Facebook or Instagram you would be knowing that participation in these competitions are quite simple. You are asked to like, comment and share etc. with prizes ranging from food and gift vouchers, movie tickets, gift hampers and other freebies while some even giving away cash prizes. Some of the prizes that you win, you can opt to use it for yourself and save on quite a bit of money, or you can even give them away to those looking for it. Prizes such as electronics, mobile phones etc can be sold while others such as restaurant giveaways and hotel staycations cannot necessarily be sold.

Searching for these competitions at times can be very time-consuming, however, you don't need to specifically look for them as there are groups and pages that share all the competitions, giveaways and sweepstakes happening all over UAE over Social Media Platforms and other Websites. You can choose whichever competition you would like to take part in, there are plenty happening everyday and you may not make money out of some but you could save lots of money and money saved is definitely money earned. Check out this Facebook Group - Contests and Giveaways UAE and the Facebook Page - Competitions UAE. You will find all the competitions happening in the UAE over Facebook, Instagram and Other Websites here. Related - How to make 1000's selling over Facebook! Top 5 Websites and Apps to Sell your Used Items and Make Money!

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