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Make Money from your Smartphone with Streetbees!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Upload photos or videos, answer questions in a chat-like format and get rewarded via PayPal.

What is it? - Streetbees is a market research app that collects users opinions on various brands and general social affairs rewarding users in return for their opinions. Topics range from your tastes in food, music, exercise and fitness to anything related to current affairs. How to get started? - All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or the Play Store, Sign-Up using your mobile phone number, Use the referral code: 5524NZ to receive a bonus on Sign-Up. You also need a PayPal account to receive your rewards. Rewards are received within 48 hours of successfully completing the task. Important Steps to make sure you receive your reward - Select the tasks that are listed under the Live Stories, complete all the questions asked in the chat. You may be required to submit a photo or a video related to the task. These are very simple as the photo requirement could be of something that you use or something that you have purchased etc. A video requirement is usually of you speaking about the relevant topic/questions for a minute or more, recorded in landscape mode.

They do have a fixed number of spots for each task, so you may need to complete them on time before the spots get taken over. If facing problems with task submissions through your app, you can submit your task through the web app (Link below). All your completed tasks can be viewed under the History tab with your earnings. In case of delays in payments or failure to receive your payments, send in an email to They are very quick with their response and always solve any issues. Links to download the app - App Store Play Store Web App For more info, do check out - Streetbees Website Streetbees UAE Facebook Page They also run competitions on their Facebook Page and reward participants with PayPal Cash! Related - Get Instant Rewards with Curious Cat for completing tasks on your phone! Earn Rewards with Muhimma for Generating Insights!

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