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Get paid for your opinions, completing surveys with MyPanelLab!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A dedicated online survey portal, My Panel Lab offers you an opportunity to participate in paid surveys in exchange for your opinions.

A laptop opened on a desk with MyPanelLab UAE's website opened in the web browser to complete surveys for cash.

How does it work? - Every day you make decisions, form opinions and generate data that marketers and researchers are eager to have. My Panel Lab gives you a platform to voice your opinions and get rewarded in the process.

Surveys are directly sent to your email once you have set up your profile and completed your registration by filling out all the Profile Surveys. Payout for the surveys more often than not, depend on the length and complexity of the survey. A longer survey rewards you with a higher payout. At the start of the survey, the approximate duration to complete it along with the payout amount is shown.

An iPad and a laptop on a desk, with my panel lab uae website opened on the web browser.

Rewards - You can then redeem the cash collected for gift vouchers or PayPal cash once you have accumulated USD 10 in your online wallet. Unfortunately, no cash is awarded for referring friends or filling out profile surveys.

Click here to know more about MyPanelLab. To sign-up, click here.

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1 Comment

Ashley Doherty
Ashley Doherty
Nov 06, 2019

This is awesome. I do a bunch of these paid survey things but I have never heard of this one, I will check it out!

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