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Get paid to test websites and apps with Ping Pong!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Ping Pong rewards you for your feedback on apps and websites through friendly user interviews and user testing sessions.

A lady using the Ping Pong website to test websites and get paid.

Ping Pong is a UK registered startup that conducts effortless user research for clients all over the world. Companies are always looking for feedback on their apps and websites as it helps them build products and services that are great for everyone to use. The best way to get those insights is through personal and engaging user interviews.

As a tester, you're spending your precious time to help give this valuable feedback, and so you get paid for your time. Ping Pong has an instant panel that has tens of thousands of testers recruited from countries across the globe.

Click here to sign-up and be a tester.

What do you need to sign-up? - All you will need is a laptop/computer with a webcam (in-built or external) and a steady internet connection. You do not have to be in any specific country to sign-up (open to residents worldwide).

How does it work? - When you sign up to be a tester, you need to complete your profile with all the required details. Researchers are always looking for certain demographics as a requirement for their tester and when you match with those requirements, you get an invite via e-mail.

This invitation will tell you what dates and times are available for your interview and the amount of money you'll earn for taking part in it. Click on the invite and choose the date and time that is more convenient to you.

A laptop lying on the bed displaying the Ping Pong user testing website.

Most of the interviews happen on the Ping Pong website itself as they have a built-in video calling platform which means you won't be requiring Skype or any other platform.

During the session, the interviewer will give you a website link to visit and ask you to share your screen. They'll ask you a few simple questions, all you need to do is answer them honestly or think aloud by describing your thoughts while you're looking at their product, so that they can learn from your reactions. 76% of the testers are rated 5 stars after their first interview.

How do you get paid? - Payouts happen after 7 days of the interview and the payment is transferred directly to your bank account via Transferwise or to your PayPal account.

Payout amounts vary from 20 Euros for a 30 minute interview to 40 Euros for an interview session that lasts for an hour. In some cases, the payout amount may even be higher, 100 to 200 Euros per hour, when a researcher has very specific needs.

Click here to know more about Ping Pong.

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I would love to try and earn that money. I am not sure what the interview is whole about, But for sure some people recommended Ping Pong testers to me.

Nice and interesting post.


I would love to try and earn that money. I am not sure what the interview is whole about, But for sure some people recommended Ping Pong testers to me.

Nice and interesting post.


I havent heard of pong before! I am going to sign up now and get testing! How exciting I love new ways to earn money online!


Aug 22, 2019

This looks interesting. Never heard of Ping Pong before. Everyone love to earn few bucks. Checking it up. Thanks for sharing


This is a new one! I take part in multiple online survey groups but had not heard of Ping Pong before. Signing up!

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