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How Instagram can end up being toxic for you!

According to a recent survey, Instagram is the worst social media network for mental health and well-being when it comes to teenagers and young adults.

A lady battling depression from the toxicity of social media.

Instagram the most popular social networking site, has grabbed people’s attention for fame and money. In a sense, many have got the opportunity to create their own unique identity.

On one hand, Instagram has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in building their businesses, gaining clients, and scaling profits. On the other hand, Instagram and social media bring with them a dark side - a side that we sometimes just tend to ignore pretending that it doesn't exist. Here is how Instagram can end up being toxic for you -

A lady scrolling on Instagram on her smartphone.
  1. Unrealistic Standards - Many studies have identified that social media has a negative effect on how teenagers feel about themselves. Boys and girls feel the pressure to look better, comparing themselves with these influencers. This has led to heightened body image issues, eating disorders, and anorexia.

  2. Mindless scrolling all day - Most users on Instagram spend hours simply scrolling through without any purpose. You cannot blame them entirely as the algorithm is designed to hook you in. Spending too much time on Instagram leads to psychological distress, poisoning mental health, poor-self rated, and suicidal behavior.

  3. Fear of missing out - Social Media apps are useful in keeping those connections with friends, colleagues, and family. FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out has a person constantly checking Instagram to see what their friends are doing and to keep up with the trends. This FOMO leads to addiction.

  4. Losing track of time - All the pointers above are a good indicator of how you can easily end up spending hours on the app and losing track of time. The algorithm loves it but you are missing out on your work, studies, tasks, family time, social life, and countless other productive things.

  5. Doing nothing else all day - Spending time on Instagram isn't a bad thing, it's good to take a break from your work, connect with your friends, share photos and videos, etc. It becomes a problem when you are doing nothing else all day. Stalking your favorite influencers will not get you anywhere in life.

Start being mindful. Too much of anything ― even time spent online ― can be detrimental. Tap into your digital social networks when you need them, by all means. But it’s important to keep in mind that they rarely paint the whole picture of someone’s life. Concentrate on your work and do the things you need to do to achieve your goals.

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Excellent post regarding social media and how it can impact someone in an unhealthy way if you’re not careful. I especially appreciated when you said, “Start being mindful. Too much of anything ― even time spent online ― can be detrimental.” Thank you for sharing this post. 😊

Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)


Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira
27 juni 2022

Very true. In fact, Instagram can be toxic if we allow it to be. If people constantly compare their life to others' highlight reels or feel bad about themselves after scrolling through perfectly curated feeds, it might be time to take a break from the app.

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