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How to go about your day when unemployed!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Unemployment days can be tough and how you spend your time when unemployed can help determine your future success.

Preparing for the day when unemployed, making a to-do list.

You may have experienced a stretch of unemployment at some point of time in your life. It is common to be unemployed for a while if you have recently graduated or if you've been fired or laid off. Finding a job is always tough with the huge competition out there. The average length of time to find employment is about six weeks. This can vary with factors such as past work experience, location and the economy.

It can be quite frustrating and disappointing when you do not receive a call or an email for all the job applications you have sent. You begin to question yourself and your value. At this point, it becomes more tempting to give up and just binge-watch on Netflix or stay out all night and spend all day under the covers. However, it is crucial to remain positive and spend your time productively, for it will help you succeed. Here's how to go about your day when unemployed -

1. Create a schedule and stick to it.

It's alright to take a few days to relax and refresh yourself but the goal is to not get too comfortable. Start your day early, create a schedule, and stick to it. You will find yourself being more productive and less likely to procrastinate.

2. Plan out your day in advance.

It is always advisable to plan your day in advance. Set aside time for exercise, socializing, networking, and applying for jobs. Make use of a planner or an app such as Evernote and allocate a set number of hours for each activity.

3. Get organized and create a goal list.

Unemployment also gives you an opportunity to organize your life. For example, you can sort out your eating habits if you've been eating rather unhealthily. Create a weekly goal list that could have something to do with the number of jobs applied, workout routines and diet etc. The key is to organize your activities that directly or indirectly boost your chances of finding a new job and leaving enough room for relaxation and having fun.

Creating a plan of tasks to do when unemployed.

4. Learn something new.

Use the time away from work as an opportunity to learn something new. You can learn the guitar or a new language or anything else that you've always wanted to learn but have only been putting it off for later. Learn new skills and certifications through courses and add more value to your resume. It also gives you time to reassess the career path you have chosen and know if it is what you truly want.

5. Update your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and other Social Media profiles.

Have an updated Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Portfolio to increase your chances of landing an interview and demonstrate the knowledge and expertise that you possess. Begin networking with your LinkedIn connections and write recommendations for others while asking for a recommendation for yourself. Update all your Social Media profiles and tweak the privacy settings or delete anything that may affect your chances of being hired. Employers and recruiters are always searching for their potential candidates on Google and looking up their social media profiles for anything that could be a red flag.

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6. Consider a side hustle.

A side hustle is a great way to earn money and reduce your dependence on one source of income. Besides that, you can even turn your side hustle into a potential career path or a full-time business. Explore your options and note down a list of things that you are good at, are of interest to you, and can help you earn money. This helps you in finding a niche where you can successfully get your hustle going.

7. Look for online and remote work.

There are plenty of jobs posted online where you may apply and work from the comfort of your home. There are also scammers waiting to prey on those looking for a work from home job but the fact is genuine opportunities do exist and there are people making a living out of it. Facebook and LinkedIn are commonly used in hiring for part-time, temporary, and remote jobs.

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