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How to make 1000's selling over Facebook!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The very same network that you're hooked onto sharing memes daily could help you in earning a few quick bucks.

You could literally be sitting on a gold mine right now. There could be stuff lying around your house collecting dust, but it is time to let go of them. What does Facebook have to do with that? Facebook Groups. With over 700 million people using Facebook Groups every month, there are more people accessing Facebook Groups than any other websites or apps where you can sell your used items. There are local groups for everything - household items, kids stuff, baked goods, clothes, cars and many more. Here are some important tips that can help you get rid of your stuff super quick - 1. Join the right kind of groups - You have plenty of groups for different purposes and also different localities. Read the rules of the group and also do ask the group admins if it is alright for you to sell via a post. Some groups do not allow it and if your purpose is to sell, it may be of no point in joining such groups. 2. Click good quality photos of your items and also try to click from different angles so you can post multiple photos or choose the best among the lot. You can attract a lot of people if you click your photos in a bright and well lit condition. Also, make sure there is not a bunch of additional clutter in the background as that would distract potential buyers. 3. Write a good description for your items. Include details regarding the age and conditions of the item, location of pick-up, purposes the item may serve, price and as a bonus you can even write the price of the same item if it were to be brand new. 4. Be honest with your items and do not try to sell something by proclaiming it to be in top condition when in reality it is defective. You lose credibility and word spreads around on Social Media.

A lady using her laptop to access Facebook groups on her web browser.
Buy and Sell UAE is a Facebook group dedicated towards users in the UAE.

5. You also have the options to post your ad post in one group to multiple groups. Make use of this Facebook feature as your posts get a greater reach and a higher chance of it becoming a successful sale. 6. Respond to comments on the post as this would bump up the post in the Group Feed. Posts that are higher up in the Feed and that get more comments get higher views. 7. Check the messages that you receive in the 'Other' section of your Inbox as some messages from users not in your Friend List pop up under the other section and you may not get notified for it. 8. If your ads are not getting any responses you can try adjusting the price, bumping it in the Group Feed or deleting your ad listing and posting it again. Post times are also very important as group users tend to be more active during the evenings or over the weekends. Get started by joining Buy and Sell UAE on Facebook. Related - Top 5 Websites and Apps to Sell your Used Items and Make Money!

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