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How to shift from a poor mindset to a rich mindset!

Those with a rich mindset will find success in whatever they do over a period of time.

A lady with a bag on her head that says "Mindset: I can & I will"

Having the right kind of mindset is the most important step when it comes to achieving your goals, be it anything. The first step to changing your mindset is understanding where your mindset is at the moment and how you can slowly change it to what is required.

Not trying to explain the difference between rich people or poor people but we look at two mindsets, a rich mindset, and a poor mindset.

  • People with a poor mindset look to stay in their comfort zone. They have no clear goals, with no idea of what they want. They tend to think short-term because they lack patience and often want instant successes. They are known for finding excuses, giving up, or not even trying in the first place.

  • On the other hand, people with rich mindsets are comfortable taking on risks and challenges. They create smart goals for themselves with clearly laid out plans to achieve them. They are always thinking long-term, looking at the big picture, etc as things take time. They also look for solutions to their problems rather than complain or give up.

  • Those with poor mindsets stop learning as soon as they are out of school or college. They fear competition. They also believe they can do everything simply by working hard.

A book on a desk displaying the words "New Mindset New Results"
  • Rich mindsets never stop learning. They continue expanding their knowledge, learning new skills. They learn to embrace their competition knowing that it is what will bring the best out of them. They also believe in working smartly instead of just working hard as you cannot do every single thing the best possible way.

  • If you feel jealous or bitter over someone else's success and wish it were you instead, you have a poor mindset. You may wait for opportunities to be handed out to you instead of working for them. Those with a rich mindset are happy for others' success and get inspired by them. They are always networking and grabbing opportunities that come their way.

Having a rich mindset is not just being rich with money. It's about overall well-being, having enough time for yourself and the things you love doing, and having a growth mindset. All of these form a crucial part of you achieving your goals.

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Lunise Wilnise
Lunise Wilnise
Oct 03, 2021

Having a positive and open mindset is everything. It helps you see the best instead of the worse in everything.


Alex Sheach
Alex Sheach
Oct 03, 2021

Yes! The commitment to lifelong learning - that's a sign of a healthy mindset for sure!

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