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Make Money out of the stuff that you OWN!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You have something of value but you do not use it? What if you could make money out of it while still owning it?

We now have websites and apps in the UAE that will allow you to share your belongings to those in need and you can earn money from it. People are always looking out for different items for a few days or for a certain occasion and it's more profitable to them to take something on rent than buy it outright. If you happen to have those things that you do not use or do not mind lending it to those in need, you can make some quick bucks on the side. Bear in mind, these are trusted websites in the UAE and your items and your money should be safe. Best of all, you can lend your items on your own conditions (you can choose your rates for the number of days) and those in need of it will contact you via the website. Here is the list of them with the links for you to register and Sign-Up - 1. Renttitude.

A screenshot of the Rentitude UAE website.
Rentitude helps you earn money by sharing your belongings.

How does it work? - Once you sign-up you can list down all the items that you would like to lend. Borrowers will place their requests to rent which you can accept or decline. Once you accept, the borrower makes the payment, receives the item and you will then receive your payment once the delivery is made. On Renttitude you are safe, all users have to be verified with a 2 stage verification method to make sure of a safe community for all, a person can only request an item if they uploads their ID and a photo of themselves holding the ID, in addition to phone & email verification. Your belongings are also insured against the Renttitude's Insurance Policy. For more information, please visit - Rentitude Website Rentitude Facebook Page 2. Nxtwish.

A screenshot of the Nxtwish UAE website page.
Nxtwish lets you rent out anything as per your terms.

How does it work? - Sign-Up via the link above and post ads for all the items that you wish to lend. On review, your ads will be approved. Borrowers will then place their requests and send you a message via the website, where you can approve or decline their requests. You can then choose the pick-up time for your item. Your item will be picked up one day before the start of the rental from your preferred location and delivered to the renter. Once the rental period is over, it will be returned back to you. Your earnings will be updated on the last day of each rental period and it will be transferred directly to your bank account on a monthly basis. For more information, please visit - Nxtwish Website Nxtwish Facebook Page 3. Tnerit.

A screenshot of the Tnerit UAE Website page.
Tnerit lets you rent out all that you have through your smartphone.

How does it work? - An online rental marketplace, tnerit allows users to lend or borrow items listed under various categories such as: Apparel, Appliances, Books, Electronics, Home, Garden & DIY, Music & Musical Instruments, and much more on its app which is available on the App Store as well as the Play Store. All you need to do is Sign-Up and provide details of your Emirates ID, once approved you can post all your items as a lender and you can even switch to being a borrower and view items listed by other lenders. A borrower puts forward their rent request which the Lender can approve or decline. Messages can be sent via the app. Tnerit allows Lenders to adjust their rent duration to a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 90 days. Money earned via the app can be sent to your Bank Account. For more information, please visit - Tnerit Website Tnerit Facebook Page Links to download the app - App Store Play Store Related - Top 5 Websites and Apps to Sell your Used Items and Make Money!

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