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How to be a Mystery Shopper?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

One of the most underrated side hustles, but one of the best and easiest ways to make extra cash or even a living out of it.

You may have come across the term Mystery Shopping at some point of time. But what exactly is it? Mystery Shopping is often used by Market Research companies as a tool to measure the quality of service or to gain more information on products and services. It is also used in the UAE to check for compliance with regulations. We have listed down the top genuine companies where you can Sign-Up to be a Mystery Shopper. The best thing about Mystery Shopping is that you can do it whenever you're free according to your convenience. Some assignments do have deadlines and you can even choose which assignments you'd like to work on. If the companies do like your work, you are then given additional opportunities and you are then well on your way to become an expert in Mystery Shopping. Here are the Companies with their websites listed down. All you need to do is click on the link, Register and Complete your applications and the companies will then directly contact you. 1. Adam Global - 2. SISA Marketing Dubai - 3. Panaly - 4. Ethos - 5. Mystery Shoppers Marketing Management - Also, do check out this Facebook Post here. It is also important to have a resume on hand as some of these companies may ask you for it. At The Side Hustler, we are also offering you an opportunity to avail of our Professional Resume Writing Service. We will help you create an eye-catchy Resume and a Cover Letter with an appropriate layout that is relevant to your target industry, professional language that is proofread without any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Write to for more details.

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Panaly and Adam Global websites are not accessible anymore

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