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Make Money selling your Photos Online with Foap!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

It doesn't have to be professional photography, the photos lying in your smartphone gallery could earn you money.

Ever thought clicking photos in your pastime could earn you money? Think again, for with the app Foap, all you need to do is upload your photos and buyers searching for photos will find your uploaded images and can purchase them. Getting Started - All you need to do is download the app which is for free from the App Store or the Play Store. Sign-Up and upload as many photos as you wish. Buyers can then look for your images and purchase each photo for $10, you get $5 for every photo that you sell while Foap keeps the remaining $5 of every purchase as its revenue. You can sell each photo an unlimited number of times, so the money keeps rolling in.

Links to download the app - App Store Play Store Tips on making a successful Sale on Foap - 1. Upload high quality images. Browsing through numerous photos, what attracts any buyer is the higher quality photos. 2. Upload a variety of images relating to different categories as buyers often look for photos for their specific needs and this can vary among buyers. Uploading a variety of photos can expand the range of your potential buyers.

A screenshot of the Foap app displaying the photos being sold through it.
Get inspired by having a look at the photos being sold.

3. Add all the relevant tags to your photos as buyers quite often search for photos using tags. Adding the right tags can help in your photos reaching the right buyer. 4. Participate in Missions. Under the missions section of the app, you can see the live missions where you are required to upload photos according to the requirements of the mission. The best photos are selected for each mission and awarded a prize of $100.

A screenshot of the Foap app displaying the missions available for users.
Missions on the Foap app get updated regularly.

5. Engage with other users on the app. Like and comment on photos uploaded by other users as this will also give your profile a greater visibility and a higher likelihood of making a successful sale. 6. You can also view the photos that have been sold recently. Look for inspiration among those photos and you can upload similar photos or get an idea of what photos are most likely to sell on the app. Most buyers are interested in photos of people and everyday situations captured in a really natural way. 7. Don't lose hope if you have not been able to make a successful sale over a period of time. There are plenty of other apps and websites where you can sell your images for some quick cash. Do check out our other posts to know more! Related - Sell your photos on your smartphone with Snapwire! Earn cash by selling your study notes on your smartphone!

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