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Should you create 2 LinkedIn Profiles?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

For two unrelated careers, having two separate LinkedIn profiles may seem like a good idea but here is what you should do instead.

A laptop with the LinkedIn website opened in the web browser.

LinkedIn is the largest online professional network in the world with over 200 million members located across the globe. There are many benefits to being on LinkedIn apart from connecting with several other professionals and businesses.

In today's age, it is common to see professionals with two or more unrelated careers. You may have a full-time job and an unrelated part-time job or a small business of your own on the side. We are often advised to have different resumes catering to different fields of interest. It may seem apt to separate the two unrelated careers and have two distinct LinkedIn Profiles but here's why you shouldn't do it and have just one LinkedIn Profile instead -

1. LinkedIn is the ideal place to establish connections with friends, colleagues, and network with others from the same industry and profession as you. Having two profiles divides your connections and your overall network.

2. Managing one LinkedIn profile is a lot of work and it requires time and energy to create content, network, share other content, apply for jobs, connect with recruiters, join LinkedIn Groups, etc. Having two LinkedIn profiles will increase your workload.

A man setting up his LinkedIn Profile on his laptop.

3. Having multiple LinkedIn profiles is against LinkedIn's User Agreement. While you're allowed to publish your profile in more than one language, creating more than one profile is against the rules. If another user notices you have multiple accounts and reports you, LinkedIn reserves the right to shut down all of your profiles without notice.

Hence it is advisable to combine both your career paths into one LinkedIn profile. It will also give a positive impression on your ability to don multiple hats such as being a full-time accountant and a part-time business owner. Include a brief overview of your skills, talents, previously quantified results, etc. from both career paths in your summary to maximize your LinkedIn profile potential.

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