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The don't's of an interview for candidates!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Being nervous, arriving late, or not knowing enough about the job or the company are some common mistakes that candidates make when attending an interview. ⁣

A lady conducting an interview of a man while reading from his resume.

You could submit a stunning resume and cover letter with great qualifications and experience yet you may still be rejected for being unprepared for the interview. Too many candidates make these interview mistakes and then wonder why they aren't getting hired. Making that interview count is the key to increasing your chances of getting hired.

Remember that your resume is the first impression that recruiters have of you while a phone/in-person interview is the one that can boost that impression or ruin it. Being well prepared for the interview will not just boost your confidence but will also help you in creating a strong impression. Whether its an in-person interview or an interview over Zoom or your phone, there are some things that you as a candidate should not do -

  • Don't arrive late - Being late for a job interview can not only leave a bad impression on employers but can also raise a few red flags about your suitability and professionalism. Unless you have a solid reason for being late, you are not really excused for it. It is always best to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than the scheduled interview time.

  • Don't dress inappropriately - An unsaid rule but there are certain attires that can be considered unprofessional or inappropriate for an interview. If you’re unsure of how to dress - formal vs. business casual, aim for clothing that is a bit more formal to be on the safer side.

A man interviewing a candidate in his office wearing casuals.
  • Don't lie - Making a false claim on anything can be easily discovered. Many employers double-check the information provided using Google, LinkedIn, and your references. A lie can be caught sometime down the line too, on the job, which can then question your professionalism.

  • Don't badmouth - Answer questions honestly but avoid being negative about your current/former employer/coworker. Focus on the positives and the skills you learned instead. For some of you, this may be hard as you feel the need to speak the truth. Speaking negatively, however, has a negative effect on the impression that you make.

  • Don't use your phone - Focus completely on the job interview. Turn off your smartphone to avoid answering calls or responding to texts. You do not want your phone to be ringing or flooded with notifications while you are in the middle of your interview.

  • Don't wing the interview - You will blow all your chances away by being unprepared for the interview. Failing to research about the company and answer typical interview questions is a big no-no. It is expected of the candidates to learn about the company and know of their products or services.

  • Don't be nervous - This may be easier said than done, however, it is important for you to not be nervous. Fidgeting, slouching, avoiding eye contact, and poor body posture are some signs of nervousness. Project confidence, listen before you speak, and speak clearly to display confidence and create a solid impression.

  • Don't forget to follow-up - Employers and recruiters may not always follow-up with all the candidates. It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow-up. Following up after an interview is essential, send a well-written thank you note in the form of an email within 24 hours.

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Dave Levich
Dave Levich
18 nov 2020

All solid tips! Also make sure you are familiar with the companies competitive advantages over their competition. This shows that you did your research before the interview and, since you are familiar with the competition, you are bringing value to the company.

Me gusta
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