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Top 5 Survey Sites in the UAE that Reward you for your Opinions!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

With so many different websites offering payouts for surveys but end up being scams, it is hard to find the most genuine ones. Not to worry for we have got them listed down for you.

Completing Surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Bear in mind that you won't be making a fortune out of this but this is a simple way to take care of those little expenses here and there or for you to buy something that you have been saving for. Also, a little bit of cash never hurts.

Here is a list of them - 1. Toluna.

What is it? - Toluna has increased in popularity and is among the best survey sites out there in the UAE. Surveys are sent to your email, however, of late there are very few sent to your email and instead you will have to log on to the website to check for available surveys and complete them. If you're not a website person, Toluna also has a Mobile app available on both android and iOS, although some of the surveys do require a PC or a Laptop for completion.

Rewards and Points - Rewards begin at 20,000 points and can be used to redeem vouchers from Souq, Nike, Mall of the Emirates, PlugIns, Virgin Megastore and plenty of other places. If Gift Vouchers isn't your thing, you can redeem your points for PayPal Cash. PayPal redemptions are the quickest and it'll take about 4 weeks to receive your reward while it takes about 8 weeks to receive Gift Vouchers. How to Get Points? - Surveys range from 1000 points to 6000 points, so achieving the payout limit doesn't take too long. You will also receive 15,000 points on Sign-Up, just for signing up and being a member of the Toluna Influencers. Apart from Surveys, Completing your Profile Surveys is important as Toluna then sends you surveys as per your Profile, and you even get points for completing these little Surveys which range from 100 to 1000. There are also polls held very often that reward you 15 points for every poll that you participate in. Toluna also rewards its users that are quite active on the website or app and regularly creating content (Polls, Topics and Questions) on their website with additional BONUS POINTS! How to Sign-Up? - Click here and get additional bonus points on Sign-Up for using this referral link. App? - Yes, Android and iOS.

2. YouGov. What is it? - YouGov has been around the scene for a very long time, surveys are directly sent to your email, and you can complete them whenever you can unless there is a deadline for the survey. There is no app however, for YouGov although surveys can be completed via your Mobile Browser. Rewards and Points - YouGov has a very simple reward system, on obtaining 5000 points you can redeem them for USD 50 in cash or donate the amount to charity. Points for surveys vary from 50-600, with most surveys averaging 100-200 points. Surveys are sent quite frequently to your email, and hence points can be accumulated quickly. The USD 50 is sent to you via a Money Order that is sent to your email and can be shown at any Western Union branch to redeem your Cash.

How to Sign-Up? - Click here and get bonus points as well. App? - No. 3. Rewarding Panel. What is it? - Surveys are the easiest to complete here, with them being directly sent to your email or completing them through the mobile app. Surveys usually do have a deadline so be sure to complete them on time. Completing your profile is important as the surveys are sent to you based on your profile.

Rewards and Points - Points for Surveys range from 30 to 70 points per survey while if you do not qualify for a survey, you get 5 points awarded as compensation. Points can be redeemed once you collect 200 points and the rewards vary from Donation to Charity or Reel Cinemas movie tickets, Souq vouchers, KidZania, Toys R Us, Dubai Aquarium Tickets or you can redeem them for AED 400 cash, which will be sent to you via a Money Order that you can en-cash at any Al Ansari Exchange Branch. How to Sign-Up? - Click here. App? - Yes, Android and iOS. 4. The Panel Station. What is it? - Present in several countries around the world at the moment, surveys are the most frequent here. Once you register and complete your profiling surveys, surveys are sent to your email and if you have the app on your phone you get notified on your mobile as well. Some of the surveys do require a PC or a Laptop to complete. Rewards and Points - Surveys range from 100 to even 1500 points depending on the length and complexity of the survey. Redemption begins when you accumulate 3000 points and they can be redeem for PayPal cash, Souq Vouchers or can be donated to Charity. PayPal redemptions are quick and you'll receive it within 4 weeks.

How to Sign-Up? - Click here and enter the code 4302AB to earn 500 joining Bonus points. App? - Yes, Android and iOS. 5. My Survey. What is it? - One among the oldest survey sites in the UAE. It does not have an app yet, surveys are directly sent to your email or can be accessed by logging in to the website. Surveys are not as frequent as the others and its better to complete them via a PC or a Laptop than your Mobile Browser. Rewards and Points - Surveys range from 25 to 90 points and you get 5 points for a survey if you do not qualify for it. Redemption begins at 580 points for PayPal and 415 points for donation to Charity. PayPal redemptions are the quickest here, you'll receive your PayPal reward within a week.

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