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What is a Virtual Assistant? Everything you need to know!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A profession that is growing all over the world thanks to the Internet, Virtual Assistants could be the next best thing for your business.

A virtual assistant working on his laptop from home.

A Virtual Assistant or V.A. is a person who provides support and services to entrepreneurs and businesses around the world from a remote location. The Internet is a place of opportunities and many individuals with general or specialized skills provide their services from one corner of the world to a business in another part of the world. A virtual assistant can do virtually anything. They are not there in person but they can still be a vital part of your business.

Some virtual assistants perform the same tasks as a personal assistant would. These are general admin tasks that do not require a high level of skill but are quite time-consuming. It is helpful for business owners to outsource these tasks and focus on the more important tasks at hand. These tasks include managing calendars, appointments, data entry work, preparing reports, conducting online research, etc.

Other virtual assistants are more specialized in their tasks and focus on performing all tasks within their area of expertise. These tasks vary from Social Media Management to Graphic Design, Bookkeeping, and Web Design, etc. You may not be an expert in all fields and it is best to leave some of these tasks in the hands of an expert as they would be able to complete them effectively and efficiently.

A virtual assistant working on her laptop from her home.

If you are a business owner or a side hustler with plenty of tasks at hand, consider outsourcing them to a virtual assistant. This not only saves you time but also saves you money. Hiring someone full-time can be quite expensive considering salaries and all the other benefits that go with a full-time employee. Virtual Assistants, on the other hand, mainly work on a project or contract basis. This usually involves an hourly rate. Rates of a virtual assistant vary depending on where they live and the tasks they perform. It can be from $10 to $15 per hour for general tasks or $25 per hour or more for specialized tasks. The most important thing for any business owner is to focus on the tasks that generate money and keep the business running. All the other tasks can be outsourced particularly if it saves you time and money. Begin by listing down all the tasks of your business and separate them into what is absolutely important and what can be outsourced. You can then start looking for Virtual Assistants. There are plenty of virtual assistants available for hire through Facebook Groups and Upwork. Also, there are online virtual assistant businesses that provide a whole range of services to business owners. At The Side Hustler, we are also offering you the opportunity to avail of our Virtual Assistant Services in editing/proofreading and the creation of reports, presentations, and proposals. Write to for more information. Pin the image below and save it for later or you can share it among your friends and families on Facebook and Twitter.

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