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Why business cards are still effective!

Your most valuable networking tool needs to be put through the right use to help you in your quest for prospective clients.

A deck of business cards lying on the table.

Business cards are a highly personalized form of marketing and one of the best ways to make a great and lasting impression. They can never be replaced in this era of the digital age as it has a human factor in developing a personal connection. Also, it is an extension of your brand and helps in creating a good first impression.

Handed out to prospects and clients, business cards are no longer cards that just include contact details such as email address, phone number, website, etc. It is also an opportunity to promote your business or brand in a creative way through an attractive design. Here are a few more reasons why business cards are still very effective -

  • It gives a personal touch - When handing out a business card, your clients do not merely get the contact details. You spend time talking and connecting. A business card adds a personal touch to building that relationship.

  • It makes you appear professional - Your company will look more legitimate when you have a stylish, sleek card to represent your services. You don't want to be the only person to show up to a networking event without your business card!

Two people exchanging their business cards.
  • It leaves a great first impression - Handing a business card to a potential client gives them the impression that you’re committed and legitimate. It also tells them that you’re prepared and, more importantly, willing to take responsibility by opening a way for communication.

  • It is a part of your branding - Everything from your logo and colors to fonts and writing style should remain consistent to be successful at building a brand. Your business card will often be the first glimpse someone catches of your brand so portraying your brand accordingly through your business card is essential.

  • It will increase your sales - Studies have shown that for every 2000 cards that you distribute your sales will increase by 2.5%. Business cards might be the edge that you need to boost your profit margins.

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I love this! I recently created business cards and I do feel there is huge difference in the conversation regarding my food blog. Instead of trying to explain myself and my business, I ask the person to access the QR code on my business card so they can see for themselves. 😊


This was really informative.

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