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Image by Brooke Lark

2022 Instagram Planner and Tracker that will help you in being organized, productive, and successful on Instagram. This Planner and Tracker will allow you to -

  • Organize all your Instagram posts for all months of the year with captions and hashtags in a calendar format.
  • Track insights for every post.
  • Understand your weekly and monthly insights to know what is working and what isn't.
  • Measure your progress every month to ensure continuous Instagram Growth. 


This is for you if -

  • You have no idea what to post and when.
  • You are disorganized and have no schedule for posting on Instagram.
  • You are not tracking your insights because they seem to be too complicated. 
  • You are making little to no progress on Instagram in terms of engagement and followers.


One of the keys to success on Instagram is being consistent and this planner & tracker will help you in doing just that. The Excel Sheet has formulas that will do the analytics calculation for you once you input your actual numbers.

Instagram Planner and Tracker 2022

  • Excel Sheet

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