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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Finances Back On Track is a book that aims to help the user in being smarter about their finances. Personal Finance is a subject that is believed to be something that you can just learn on your own or with the passing of time through experiences. However, it is not true.

We still need to learn how to manage our money more than ever today with plenty of distractions easily available. Add to that - periods of unemployment, rising prices, unplanned expenses, emergencies and you will soon find yourself with no savings or worse, in debt with piling loans and credit cards.

This guide is a tool to help you not just manage your finances but make smarter choices too. It contains seven sections - Financial Goals, Expenses, Savings, Income, Loans & Debts, Budgeting, and Investments. Each of these sections contains everything you need to know about Personal Finance in the simplest of terms.

This book is for you if -

  • You are tired of being broke, month after month.
  • You have no savings and no emergency fund whatsoever.
  • You do not have a job or you have been laid off/fired and want to earn money.
  • You want to increase your income levels and add multiple streams of income.
  • You aim to be debt-free.
  • You plan on building wealth by learning more about investing.


Apart from in-depth coverage on the seven topics, this book also includes plenty of printables and other resources that are designed to make your financial journey a lot easier.


The ultimate goal for most of us is to be financially independent. By the end of this book, you will have learned the fundamental principles that will help you in maximizing your income, decreasing your expenses and increasing your savings that will overall kickstart your process of truly building wealth.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Finances Back On Track

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